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Good afternoon and welcome to our live blog of the twentieth stage in the Tour de France.

My name is Willem Haak and I will keep you informed of the developments in the time trial here.

  • Tour de France

  • Climbing time trial

  • 36.2 kilometers

  • Finish at La Planche des Belles Filles

  • Roglic at 5.14 pm

  • View the time differences here

Tour de France a few seconds ago

Tadej Pogacar will win the Tour de France tomorrow.

a few seconds ago

Tour de France one minute ago

Roglic crosses the finish line and realizes that he has lost the Tour de France here.

That must hurt an awful lot.

Tour de France 4 minutes ago

Roglic has not yet arrived and has really lost his yellow jersey.

Pogacar wins the Tour de France here.

Tour de France 4 minutes ago

Roglic seems to realize that he is losing the Tour here and has collapsed.

It's a race against time.

In a little less a minute we will know who will win the Tour de France.

Tour de France 6 minutes ago

Roglic meanwhile loses more than 1.50 to Pogacar, who decides the Tour in his favor today.

Nobody expected this.

Tour de France 7 minutes ago

Pogacar has arrived and is no less than 1.21 faster than Dumoulin.

Now we have to wait for yellow jersey carrier Roglic.

7 minutes ago

Tour de France 8 minutes ago

Pogacar really pops very hard.

What a top performance the 21-year-old Slovenian delivers here.

The disappointment at Jumbo-Visma must be enormous.

Tour de France 9 minutes ago

Primoz Roglic is losing the Tour here.

He is no less than 1.22 slower than Tadej Pogacar at the third intermediate point and clocks the sixth in the meantime.

Tour de France 11 minutes ago

Tadej Pogacar sprints to La Planche des Belles Filles.

In any case, he will win today's time trial.

Will it also be enough to take over the yellow jersey from Primoz Roglic?

It's all about tension.

Tour de France 13 minutes ago

Tom Dumoulin will certainly not win today's time trial.

Pogacar pulverizes his time and at the last intermediate point is no less than 0.48 seconds faster than the Dutchman.

Tour de France 14 minutes ago

And it is really about seconds.

In any case, Tadej Pogacar is riding the time trial of his life.

That is not surprising, because he is only 21 years old.

What an achievement.

14 minutes ago

Tour de France 15 minutes ago

What an apotheosis.

Is Pogacar going to take over the yellow jersey from Roglic today?

Virtually the latter currently loses the yellow jersey.

Tour de France 16 minutes ago

Roglic is simply not going fast enough and is losing more and more time on Pogacar.

He only has 0.10 left.

Tour de France 17 minutes ago

It's Pogacar against Roglic.

Is the former Slovenian going to ruin Jumbo-Visma's party today?

He is well on his way.

Tour de France 18 minutes ago

At the second measuring point, Roglic admitted no less than 0.36 to Pogacar.

The virtual difference in the general classification is only 0.21.

What tension!

Tour de France 19 minutes ago

Tom Dumoulin has arrived!

He clocks the first time and is 0.10 faster than Van Aert.

The Dutchman is currently first.

19 minutes ago

Tour de France 21 minutes ago

Yellow jersey wearer Primoz Roglic is having a tough time today.

Will he still lose the lead in the general classification?

Tour de France 22 minutes ago

At the foot of La Planche des Belles Filles, Pogacar changes bikes.

He has to get going again and is losing some of his lead.

Tour de France 24 minutes ago

Little by little, Pogacar is taking more and more time from the lead of yellow jersey wearer Roglic.

In the general classification the difference is virtually only 0.25.

That was at the start of the time trial 0.57.

Tour de France 25 minutes ago

Dumoulin has a tough time, but is still 0.27 faster than his teammate Van Aert, who completed the course as the fastest.

Tour de France 27 minutes ago

The difference between Roglic and Pogacar remains about the same.

To get the yellow jersey, the latter will soon need a gigantic fast climb.

27 minutes ago

Tour de France 28 minutes ago

Dumoulin will probably also pass Yates in the general classification.

Mas is also still in sight.

The difference between the two riders is 3.05.

Tour de France 31 minutes ago

Pogacar is already 0.27 faster than yellow jersey carrier Roglic.

It is a virtual time and we still have to climb, but the pressure is on.

In the general classification, Roglic's lead is then 'only' 0.30.

Tour de France 33 minutes ago

Dumoulin meanwhile rides on the steepest part of La Planche Des Belles Filles.

The Dutch are still the fastest virtually.

In the general classification, he will at least hop over Uran.

Yates is also still in sight.

Tour de France 35 minutes ago

Pogacar meanwhile makes up 0.18 on yellow jersey carrier Roglic.

The difference in the general classification is now 0.39.

It is exciting!

Tour de France 36 minutes ago

Tom Dumoulin is no less than 0.18 faster at the second intermediate point than Remi Cavagna, who came through there as fastest.

In the climb, Wout van Aert, who crossed the finish line fastest, made up a lot of time.

Can Dumoulin end up with both?

Tour de France 38 minutes ago

As Pogacar races past Lopez, we see that Dumoulin is doing an excellent time trial.

He is currently faster than Van Aert and Cavagna.

Tour de France 40 minutes ago

The time trial of all-rounder Wout van Aert in pictures.

Tour de France 41 minutes ago

Wout van Aert has arrived!

The Belgian time trial champion indicated before the start of today's stage that he was tired, but his efforts are enough for a provisional first place.

With his time of 57.28 he is no less than 0.28 faster than Cavagna.

Tour de France 43 minutes ago

Yellow jersey wearer Roglic in the meantime admits 0.10 to Pogacar's time.

That means that his lead in the general classification is virtually reduced to 0.47.

Tour de Franceone hour ago

Pogacar arrives at the first intermediate point.

He concedes 0.17 to Cavagna's time and is 0.05 slower than Dumoulin.

Yellow jersey wearer Roglic has yet to come by.

Tour de Franceone hour ago

Wout van Aert is working on an incredible Tour de France.

He can climb, sprint and therefore also time trial.

Is it enough to win today's stage?

Tour de Franceone hour ago

At the foot of La Planche Des Belles Filles, Wout van Aert is currently fastest.

The Belgian is 0.06 faster than Cavagna at the measuring point.

At the previous pass he was still 0.33 slower.

Tour de Franceone hour ago

At the first measuring point, Mas, Landa and Porte also give in to Cavagna's meantime.

The Frenchman has set an excellent time.

Tour de Franceone hour ago

Important for the battle for the polka dot jersey.

Richard Carapaz (INEOS Grenadiers) seems to be sparing his strength to blast the climb.

Dani Martinez, the Colombian ITT national champion set the fastest time on the climb so far: 17 min 19 sec.

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Tour de Franceone hour ago

Yellow jersey carrier Roglic is currently slower than Pogacar.

In the general classification, the difference between the two Slovenians is 0.57.

Pogacar drives twelve seconds from that for the time being.

Tour de Franceone hour ago

At the second measuring point, Wout van Aert (Jumbo-Visma) is 0.33 slower than Cavagna.

It's good for the second meantime.

Tour de Franceone hour ago

Daniel Felipe Martinez (EF Pro Cyling) crosses the finish line.

Cavagna's time is also missing.

The Colombian time trial champion admits 1.19 and is third fastest.

Tour de Franceone hour ago

Rigoberto Uran concedes 1.08 to Cavagna's time at the first measuring point.

This makes him more than 0.50 slower than Tom Dumoulin.

Tour de Franceone hour ago

Dumoulin is about to overtake Valverde.

The former time trial world champion rides right behind the 40-year-old Spaniard.

Tour de Franceone hour ago

Tom Dumoulin is 0.12 slower at the first measuring point than Remi Cavagna, who came through there as the fastest.

Normally Dumoulin should be able to make up for that difference in the climb.

Tour de Franceone hour ago

Richard Carapaz clocked the third slowest time at the first measuring point.

The polka dot jersey bearer seems to be saving for the last climb, where there are still some mountain points to be gathered.

Tour de Franceone hour ago

And there goes Tadej Pogacar (UAE Team Emirates).

The number two in the rankings has to make up for 0.57 today on yellow jersey carrier Primoz Roglic (Jumbo-Visma).

Tour de Franceone hour ago

Marc Hirschi (Sunweb) is now named the most combative rider of this Tour de France.

The Swiss won the twelfth stage and was often seen on the attack in the past three weeks.

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