Athletes said that the continental federation used to issue hasty decisions .. and they confirm:

Wholesale losses of Emirati football due to "Asian confusion"

  • The national team decided to set up an external camp in Serbia based on previous dates for the World Cup qualifiers in October and November. From the source


Athletes considered the new decision, issued by the Asian Football Confederation, yesterday, to postpone the 2022 World Cup qualifiers and Asia 2023, "the confusion summit of the Confederacy," without taking into account the consequent wholesale losses for local federations, including Emirates football, as a result The hasty and sudden decisions of the "Asian".

The Confederation decided, surprisingly, and without prior notice, yesterday, to postpone the matches that were scheduled to start on October 8, and continue until next November, within the second leg of the World Cup qualifiers, to be held next year, and new dates will be set later. These matches had been deported since last March due to the Corona virus, to be postponed again.

The athletes told "Emirates Today" that "what happened was the summit of confusion and poor planning by the continental federation, as it hastened from the beginning to set new dates, despite the warnings," noting that this postponement caused great material losses for national federations, being She will be forced to cancel all her plans related to equipping her teams, after she incurred great material losses, whether in terms of contracting with technical equipment and coaches, or spending large sums of money in preparing preparation camps and otherwise.

They said that the new developments confused the plans of the technical staff in preparing the national team, which necessitated the abolition of the camp currently established in Serbia, the full review of the plans and the program for preparing the team, and drawing a new road map, in light of the implications of the recent decision.

They pointed out that the new coach, Colombian Luis Pinto, who was hired by the Football Association last month, will have spent long months of his two-year contract, without going through any real test, but they stressed that this matter may be of benefit to the coach, as he will follow up on the situation Players enough time.

Among the repercussions of the decision is great confusion for the Football Association, the Professional League and Clubs, that the League will review the schedule of its competitions, which was established based on the team's external entitlements, which will also have a financial cost.

The former international and legal advisor, Salem Hadid, held the continental federation fully responsible, and said: The AFC is rushing from the ground up in setting the previous dates for the qualifiers in October and November, without taking into account the warnings issued by the World Health Organization, because this pandemic is not known when it will end.

Hadid indicated that, based on these new developments, it is assumed that the national team’s camps will be ended, and the players will be returned to their clubs, considering that the new developments are an opportunity for the national team coach to stand on the level of the players, through their presence with their clubs.

In turn, a former member of the Football Association's Competitions Committee, Khaled Awad, described what happened as “not new to the AFC, as hasty decisions have been repeated on more than one occasion,” considering that “what he did is in the interest of some teams but not others, and the days are the same. It will reveal it ».

He also said: Although what happened confused the plans of the new coaching staff in preparing the players, this is an opportunity for the coach of the national team and the national teams committee, to restore their accounts in the preparation process for the white, so that all the players take their opportunity to prepare well, since there is enough time for the coach to prepare The Elect.

For his part, former director of the football team at Al-Nasr Club, Khaled Obeid, affirmed that "the AFC's decision in this regard was not considered, especially in terms of fixing match dates, in light of the current circumstances."

And he considered that this sudden decision will cost civil federations, including the Emirates Federation, a lot of effort and money because of these federations' contracts with coaches and technical and administrative bodies, as well as internal and external preparation camps, and the recall of players, considering that this matter is very expensive financially.

Khaled Obaid added: "The new decision regarding the dates of the World Cup qualifiers has caused great confusion for the Football Association, the Professional League, and clubs."

The most prominent losses suffered by Emirates football

1- The league was canceled due to the national team, to relieve pressure on the players.

2- Material losses after contracting with the national coach and technical staff for two years, and sitting for a long period without work.

3 - The introduction of the UAE Football Association in a state of confusion, because of this sudden decision.

4- Wasting effort and money in two camps for the team, which were recently established in Al Ain, and a third is currently in Serbia, without interest.

5- Confusing the plans of the new technical staff in preparing Al-Abyad.

6- The Professional League will be forced to reschedule its competitions again, taking into account the new circumstances.


Next October, the date previously set for the resumption of the World Cup qualifiers, before it was postponed.

Another postponement of the World Cup qualifiers to next year, without setting dates.

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