Ronnie O'Sullivan has made a splash at the new generation of snooker players. According to the 44-year-old legend, it is not surprising that he has been playing in the top together with some of his generation.

"If you had asked me in my early years if I expected to still be in the top today, I would have said no," O'Sullivan told the BBC , shortly after he had the quarter-finals of the World Cup in Sheffield on Sunday. reached.

"But given the level of today, I say yes. The young players who break through are not as good as us. Most of them don't even have the level of amateurs. They are that bad."

O'Sullivan, who became world champion for the fifth and so far last time in 2013, thinks that he will play in the top together with, among others, contemporaries John Higgins and Mark Williams, as long as he competes.

"Given the level of the younger players, I would have to lose an arm and a leg to drop out of the top fifty of the world rankings. That's why we're still in it: because of the low level."

O'Sullivan, who describes the snooker matches without an audience as "playing in a morgue", will meet the Welshman Williams in the quarter-finals on Monday. On Monday, he smashed the record for fastest ever win at a World Cup against the Thai Thepchaiya Un-Nooh.


Ronnie O'Sullivan just straight up brutal on the reason for his longevity in snooker

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