The events of the first round of the Russian Premier League (RPL) faded into the background against the backdrop of yet another scandal, in the center of which was Moscow "Spartak". In the match against Sochi, held in Moscow, the referee Vasily Kazartsev appointed two controversial penalties against the red and whites, thanks to which the guests managed to bring the meeting to a draw - 2: 2. Considering that this is not the first such case in recent years, the incident caused another wave of criticism from the judiciary.

The main fan association of "Spartak" "Fratria" made an appeal to remove from his post the head of the refereeing department of the Russian Football Union Viktor Kashshai. In their opinion, with his statements, he "covers most of the criminal actions of the arbitrators." Red-and-white fans also believe that Ashot Khachaturyants, head of the RFU Referee Committee, should leave his post.

“What happened yesterday in front of the entire football world cannot be called anything other than the shame of our football. Another judicial murder of "Spartak" was so obvious that it caused a wide resonance even in Europe. Leonid Fedun is forced to announce the withdrawal of the club from such a shameful championship, and millions of fans after watching the match feel cheated, "the statement of Fratria says.

Immediately after the match, the media announced Khachaturyants' intention to resign. The president of the RFU, Alexander Dyukov, allegedly dissuaded him from taking a radical step.

At the moment, Kazartsev has been suspended from work in the next matches. Now he, as well as VAR-assistant Alexei Eskov, who watched the controversial episodes on the video replay, face suspension until the end of the year. Both will be offered to testify on a lie detector.

In turn, Kashshai defended the refereeing team. According to him, the first penalty kick against the red-and-white goal was assigned correctly, and in the controversial episode with Samuel Zhigot, Kazartsev had the last word, so you shouldn't blame Eskov.

“I understand him. VAR only intervenes when a clear and obvious error has occurred 100%. In such a situation, the referee and the video referee should talk. If the referee says that there was a contact at the last moment, the assistant must accept such a point of view, ”Sport Express quotes Kashshai.

Of course, after the controversial match, Spartak itself did not remain silent. The situation was aggravated by the fact that, according to the deputy general director of the club Mikhail Khodyrev, after the final whistle, Kazartsev refused to communicate with the team and explain his decisions. The club's press service called the incident a "stolen victory", and the general director Shamil Gazizov announced his intention to initiate an investigation.

“We will mark everything in the report, submit it to the expert and judicial commission. Life is such that a minute has passed and you can't bring it back. I'm outraged too. Trying to hold back, keep my position. From my point of view, I see that this is wrong. And they explain to me that on the contrary ... It would be too radical to ask Kazartsev to go into the locker room and look the guys in the eyes. I want to laugh, this clownery continues, "- quotes Gazizov's words" Championship ".

The owner of "Spartak" Leonid Fedun also made a loud statement about the situation. He expressed his readiness to stop the team's participation in the RPL.

“You don't need to support me. I will announce tomorrow that we are withdrawing from the championship. This can be said to be an official statement. Seriously. I don’t want to participate in this clownery that has just been staged. And spend money. "Spartak" is not needed, so it is not needed. Everything, goodbye, ”said Fedun.

It is reported that a conversation on this topic has already taken place between him and Dyukov. As noted by RBC, citing sources, the head of the RFU dissuaded the owner of Spartak from removing the club from the championship.

At the same time, RPL President Sergei Pryadkin suggested that Fedun made a statement on emotions. He expressed hope that the ESC will resolve all misunderstandings.

“I cannot even imagine RPL without Spartak - this is an important team for our football. I am sure that all problems can be solved constructively. Of course, we would not want to discuss refereeing in the first round of the new season, but since there are questions, they need to be considered in a working order, "Pryadkin quotes TASS.

The opinions of fans and experts on the possible removal of "Spartak" were divided. Some supported the owner, others urged him not to rush and not take rash steps.

“It is possible to understand Leonid Arnoldovich, but there is no need to justify. The huge football diaspora of Spartak will not understand. History will judge and put everything in its place. The battle is lost, but not the war. In no case should Spartak be withdrawn from the championship. On the contrary, we must go further with dignity. As the symbol of the red and white, the gladiator preached: "To the battle to the end," - said the former referee Sergei Khusainov in an interview with the "Championship".

Be that as it may, most experts agreed that the referee team acted unprofessionally. Former red-and-white mentor Oleg Romantsev admitted that now his attitude towards VAR has changed.

"I have no words. I am sure that millions of fans who watched this match have the same feelings. Not only at Spartak, but at all. Such penalties are seen by coaches and footballers in nightmares. I feel sorry for the guys! Not everything for Spartak was great, but the team earned their three points! I have never been against VAR, and when I worked as a coach, I even dreamed of it. Now I don’t understand why, ”Romantsev told Sport-Express.

Honored Coach of the USSR Anatoly Byshovets expressed confidence that the reason for the prejudice on the part of the referee in the Russian championship is impunity.

“Sports principles have been violated. I understand that there are some sympathies. But I have a feeling that there is bias, premeditation. This is primarily what distinguishes our judges. And the whole problem is impunity. Why does this happen? Because a lot can get away with it, ”RIA Novosti quotes Byshovets.

In turn, the veteran of "Spartak" Yevgeny Lovchev sharply condemned Eskov, who did not react to Kazartsev's mistake, noting that such mistakes should be followed by severe punishment.

“We need to write a petition to the Kremlin. When 20-30 million Spartak fans say, then something will change. I don't want the team to be judged - I want the club and its fans not to be bullied. I’m not saying that this is Dyukov or Miller, it’s about the work of judges. I don’t believe in conspiracies against Muscovites, but this is already being repeated from time to time, ”Lovchev commented on the outcome of the match.

It is worth noting that Kazartsev has already felt the anger of the fans. They attacked him with harsh criticism on the Internet, and many did not skimp on insults. As a result, the arbitrator was forced to delete his social media accounts.