- I made a mistake once when I put a Trump badge on my face mask, something I regret now, he says at the press conference after the game against Dallas.

The Swedish goalkeeper has previously expressed his support for Trump, but even more so for the Republican Party. He has told the newspaper Expressen that he "is a Republican in his blood", but this time it is a different matter.

- These are human rights, it's not about politics, he says.

It was at a match in 2016 when Robin Lehner played for Buffalo, that he wore a mask with the newly elected president's picture on it. It created a massive criticism of him on social media even though he only used the mask on the warm-up. But it was a position that he now considers to be a mistake.

CLIP: Here Robin Lehner kneels before the game against Dallas

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Robin Lehner, far right, ahead of the game against Dallas. Photo: TT