Brentford coach Thomas Frank tries to maneuver his players into the underdog position for the loaded playoff against rival Fulham in the battle for a Premier League ticket. According to the Dane, his team should try to enter 'the 180 million euros match' on Tuesday evening in a relaxed manner.

"We have everything to gain and nothing to lose, which is important to remember," said Frank at his forward-looking press conference on Monday evening. "We're playing against a relegated Premier League club bigger than Brentford. I'm not saying that as part of a mental game, it's just a fact."

"Fulham was relegated from the Premier League last season, but has the money if things go wrong. And they have more experience with such matches than we do. Still, after 48 regular matches, we were tied and we beat them twice. That gives trust."

Brentford last played at the highest English level in 1947 and so has never played in the Premier League at all. For a long time, it seemed that the West London club would command direct promotion through the regular season, but Brentford lost the last two games.

'Disappointment of competition lock can be useful'

Coach Frank hopes that those defeats against Barnsley and Swansea City in the Championship will give his squad extra motivation for the squatter against fellow townsman Fulham. "The disappointment of the competition slot is an experience that can be very useful for us. Hopefully it will help us in the final."

"In such a decisive match it is in any case important that the players focus purely on their task and do not deal with peripheral matters. We have talked a lot about that. It will be a very exciting match that we trust, but also should enter some modesty. "

The cracker between Brentford and Fulham at Wembley starts at 8.45pm. Brentford and Fulham already settled Swansea City and Cardiff City on the way to the decisive play-off.

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