China News Service, August 3, according to foreign media reports, South Korean female volleyball player Gao Youmin was found dead at home a few days ago, only 25 years old. The police said that no signs of homicide were found during the investigation, presumably suicide.

  Gao Youmin played for the Korean Women's Volleyball League Hyundai Club before his death and was once recognized as an outstanding player in the Korean volleyball world. It is understood that at the beginning of this year, Gao Youmin was maliciously attacked and insulted by netizens due to changes in the team's position and poor performance during the adaptation period. Due to unbearable cyber violence, Gao Youmin had no choice but to leave the team in March this year, and was later identified by the Korean Volleyball League as retiring without authorization.

  In addition to Gao Youmin, South Korean triathlete Cui Shuxian committed suicide in a dormitory in Busan at the end of June due to long-term violence by his unbearable coach and seniors in the team. He was only 22 years old.

  The death of Choi Sook-hyun has aroused widespread concern in South Korea. South Korean President Moon Jae-in once stated that relevant departments must thoroughly investigate violence in the sports world and severely punish the perpetrators. (Finish)