Jae-sung Lee, who plays in the second league of professional football in Germany, departed yesterday (3rd) after a domestic vacation.

I am pursuing a transfer to the Big League, but I think good news will come out soon.

Jae-sung Lee, who left for Germany after a month's vacation, was self-contained for two weeks and recharged properly. He also visited Jeonbuk, his friend's team, and met old colleagues.

Jae-sung Lee was transformed into a front-runner in the German professional football second league Holstein Kil last season and scored eight assists in 10 goals to become a team ace.

Thanks to his previous season's performance, he is receiving love calls from two or three teams from the Bundesliga midst in the transfer market this summer.

Jaesung Lee confidently entered the big leagues, saying that if the transfer negotiations are completed, it will likely find a new team within this month.

[Lee Jae-sung/Holstein Kill Attacker: I think I should be well prepared in that area because everything is more technical and physically superior than the league I am in. I'd like to inform Korean soccer fans of the good news as soon as possible.]