It was in SDHL's own podcast that Reideborn talked this summer and talked about the many love relationships within his own club SDE.

Several upset teammates then contacted the club management and yesterday the goalkeeper announced that she is taking a break from the ice hockey this season.

- I have nothing against gay relationships, it's not what I turn to, but it's relationships within a team because it affects the athletic performance, Reideborn tells SVT Sport and develops:

- SDE did well this past season but my opinion is that we still did not reach our full potential because there were so many love relationships and so much drama within the team. Then relationships become a problem.

"Co-players feel like opponents"

The club contacted the 21-year-old and expressed, according to Reideborn, that it was unnecessary to give examples within SDE instead of in general.

But that does not agree with the goalkeeper.

- I respect SDE's opinion, but I disagree. People criticize me so hard that I have to get on my feet when I go out and say something. I have to talk about what I have seen myself and what it actually looks like.

Reideborn also says that none of the upset teammates have contacted her personally.

- You don't have to have the same opinions as me, but I feel that this is a personal problem as well. That's why I choose to step off. It is difficult to perform on a rink together when you do not like each other and it feels like your teammates are opponents, she says.