The new Kostornaya program and the unpleasant characteristic of Tutberidze

Off-season is a busy time in figure skating. Athletes actively train and work out new programs in order to approach the upcoming competitions in an optimal form. Pupils of Eteri Tutberidze continue training at the base near Moscow in Novogorsk, and it is already possible to evaluate the first fruits of their labors.

Choreographer Daniil Gleichengauz shared a fragment of Alena Kostornaya’s new free program and told what kind of music she would go on ice to. Lovely composition was used for the performance, performed immediately in three versions: ItsAMoney, Billy Elish and Khalida, as well as Galpe.

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Publication by Daniel Gleichengauz (@daniil_gleikhengauz) Jul 10, 2020 at 11:51 PDT

As for Tutberidze herself, she was not overtaken by the most pleasant news from Japan. Many residents of this country are big fans of its wards, but journalists have a different opinion. Elle placed Eteri Georgievna on the list of the most “toxic” trainers in the world.

According to the authors of the article, the mentor works with skaters of a certain age and after a short time they are forced to end their careers. The stories of Julia Lipnitskaya and Evgenia Medvedeva are cited as examples of her “negative influence”.

Interestingly, Gil Beyer and Cho Jae Bom, accused of rape, and Alex Cor, who is suspected of fraud, were on the same list.

Meanwhile, the former ward of the honored coach of Russia, Medvedev, completed two-week quarantine and has already begun training at the CSKA rink. Until the international connection between Russia and Canada is restored, the ex-world champion will train under the leadership of Elena Bubnova in the capital.

She devotes free time at home to meetings with friends, whom she rarely sees, living on another continent. So, Medvedeva shared joint photos with the world champion in gymnastics Daria Spiridonova, as well as with her colleague Ekaterina Bobrova.

“We are separated by thousands of kilometers, seas and oceans, and in a phone call we cry that it would be so nice to meet! And as soon as we unite in one city, it may take more than two weeks before we finally meet! I really missed you and was madly glad to see you, ”wrote Bobrova.

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Incendiary dance of Tuktamysheva and a romantic gift from Katsalapov

Figure skating is not considered the most profitable sport, so many people prefer to participate in various shows and conclude sponsorship agreements. Forbes magazine calculated what Alina Zagitova’s income, which was included in the ranking of the most successful Russians under the age of 40, consists of.

In addition to advertising contracts with major international companies, she earns on ice shows (8.06 million rubles for the performance of Sleeping Beauty and from $ 10 thousand for shows in Japan and Switzerland). Performances at competitions last season brought her $ 25 thousand. In total, the annual figure skater profit was $ 1.1 million.

“Alina has a complex image: outwardly she is an elf, and inside is an unbending warrior. Companies always attract such strong personalities with a story. Brands want to convey their values ​​and really appreciate when they can transfer their narrative through a person, a sports star or show business, ”explained Narine Kaprielyan, a public relations specialist, to Zagitova’s popularity.

The training camp in Kislovodsk was also begun by the students of Alexei Mishin. Elizaveta Tuktamysheva already shared the joy of returning to full training and, together with Sofia Samodurova, delighted fans with an incendiary dance.

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Posted by Elizaveta Tuktamysheva (@liza_tuktik) Jul 6, 2020 at 11:20 PDT

On July 10, Nikita Katsalapov canceled his 29th birthday. Victoria Sinitsina decided to give her partner an unusual and very romantic gift. Skaters swept in a balloon, and then shared their impressions.

“Beautiful landscapes open: such silence and at the same time this loud sound of the burner, which makes it very warm! In short, you don’t even think about fear. In addition, we met a beautiful dawn, flew over chamomile fields and even managed to pick a cone from a spruce, ”Sinitsina wrote.

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Posted by Victoria Sinitsina (@victoria_sinitsina) Jul 12, 2020 at 5:40 PDT

Meanwhile, Jonathan Gureyro, speaking in tandem with Tiffany Zagorski, spoke about his idols. Unexpectedly for many, the list included eight-time Olympic sprint champion Usain Bolt and three-time world pole vault champion Elena Isinbaeva.

“It is clear that for me great idols are Oksana Grischuk and Evgeny Platov, as well as Tessa Virchu and Scott Moir. Tessa with Scott is a completely different story, and Grischuk and Platov - at one time it was so skillful, cool skating that you can learn from them. And so, if we move away from figure skating, then, of course, Usain Bolt and Lena Isinbayeva, ”Gureyro admitted live on Instagram.

Completion of Sotskova’s career and Rodnina’s popularity

The silver medalist of the Grand Prix finals Maria Sotskova announced her retirement. This season, she took only 10th place at the Nepel Memorial in Slovakia and did not take part in the Russian championship. According to the 20-year-old skater, after the Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, difficulties began in her life, which she tried to overcome. She had to turn to psychologists, but this did not help. There were health problems that forced her to leave the sport.

“It is impossible to turn back the clock. One message does not fit all that is important for me to say. My soul is torn. With tears in my eyes, I remember and all my life I will remember people who put their strength, faith, time and love into me. No words will be enough to express what is in my soul, ”Sotskova admitted.

Skater coach Svetlana Sokolovskaya said that the decision to end her career was made back in November. In addition, she reported that Sotskova was preparing to get married.

“Masha is very nice to me. I know that everything that has happened in her life will cease. Time heals. She is an honest man, and now she is preparing for the wedding. Masha has a long and happy journey ahead! Go ahead, Mashulya! ”, Sokolovskaya quotes

The other day, the subject of discussion was the personal life of another representative of the world of figure skating Ilya Averbukh. The media reported on his affair with actress Elizaveta Arzamasova, well known for her role as Galina Sergeevna in the TV series “Daddy's Daughters”. Many were surprised by the age difference of the couple, which is 21 years old. If the choreographer only confirmed the rumors, the artist tried to appeal to fans who reacted too violently to this news.

“You know what I do not like and do not yet know how to talk about personal life. But after all, by and large, what you need to know about me? More precisely, what do you need to know about me for those who love and respect me? Just that I'm fine. Is this not enough? And so how is everything in the details, what's the difference? ”, Wrote Arzamasova.

Perhaps the choreographer and actress should learn the skill of hiding from annoying journalists and fans from another star couple - two-time Olympic champion Evgeni Plushenko and producer Yana Rudkovskaya. They installed a kind of "cunning" system that will shoot down the drones of the paparazzi flying over their suburban area.

“I would not risk it, since everything that falls from the sky onto our territory automatically becomes ours, especially when it flies illegally,” Rudkovskaya explained.

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It is not surprising that the life of athletes is always in the spotlight, because figure skating is one of the most popular sports in Russia. Moreover, for most of the country's inhabitants, it is still associated with the names of the great champions of the past. The creators of the One Hundred to One program found out, whose participants must guess the most popular answers that people give on the streets.

So, when answering the question “Who is the most famous Russian figure skater?”, Most remembered Irina Rodnina. In second place was Alina Zagitova, in third - Tatyana Navka. The fourth and fifth lines were taken by Evgenia Medvedeva and Irina Slutskaya, respectively. Least of all, the Russians mentioned Alexander Trusov.