Good afternoon and welcome to this live blog on My name is Patrick Moeke and I will keep you informed today about the last free practice at the Grand Prix of Austria.

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Formula 1 a few seconds ago

Back to the pits 馃挭 At the end of Q1 Max is P1 with a 1: 04.024 while Alex is through in P12 with a 1: 04.661 馃嚘馃嚬 #AustrianGP

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Formula 1 a few seconds ago

FINISH - No surprises among the dropouts in Q1: 

16. Kevin Magnussen
17. George Russell
18. Antonio Giovinazzi
19. Kimi R盲ikk枚nen
20. Nicholas Latifi

Formula 13 minutes ago

FINISH - Verstappen gives a signal and clocks the fastest time of the weekend. With 1.04.024, he is 0.087 seconds faster than Bottas (second) and 0.174 seconds faster than Hamilton (third).

Formula 1 5 minutes ago

1 more minute (Q1) - What do we get? Lance Stroll (!) Takes the fastest time of Verstappen in his Racing Point. The Dutchman still goes outside.

5 minutes ago

Formula 1 5 minutes ago

2 more minutes (Q1) - Russell climbs to P15 in his Williams. Will he ever get Q2 for the first time?

Formula 1 路 8 minutes ago

Another 4 min (Q1) - Hamilton improves and climbs to P2. That makes the Brit safe. He admits a tenth on the time of Verstappen, who drove his car into the pits.

Formula 1 9 minutes ago

Another 6 minutes (Q1) - In the danger zone:

14. Hamilton
15. Giovinazzi

16. R盲ikk枚nen
17. Magnussen
18. Russell
19. Grosjean
20. Latifi

Formula 1 路 10 minutes ago

7 more minutes (Q1) - Hamilton does not get further than twelfth in his first timed lap. He will also have to drive an extra lap.

Formula 1 路 12 minutes ago

Another 8 minutes (Q1) - With this time, Verstappen already seems safe for Q2. "But do you want to drive another lap, Max?" Asks his engineer Gianpiero Lambiase. "Oh well, why not", answered Verstappen.

12 minutes ago

Formula 114 minutes ago

10 more minutes (Q1) - Verstappen clocked the fastest time in his first timed lap. It still says little, because the Dutchman has been the only driver of the top teams for a while. Lewis Hamilton was two tenths faster than Verstappen's time this morning.

Formula 115 minutes ago

Let's do this. QualFirst qualifying of 2020 is 馃敍 #AustrianGP 馃嚘馃嚬

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Formula 1 路 16 minutes ago

Another 12 minutes (Q1) - Max Verstappen sets off with a fresh set of soft tires.

Formula 1 路 18 minutes ago

14 more minutes (Q1)  - Max Verstappen is tied up in his car. The Dutchman will go outside in the short term. A place in the top fifteen should of course not be a problem.

Formula 119 minutes ago

15 more minutes (Q1) - Nicholas Latifi is the first driver on the asphalt. The Williams driver, who debuts this weekend, crashed heavily in the final practice. Williams managed to repair his car in time.

19 minutes ago

Formula 1 路 21 minutes ago

18 more minutes (Q1) - 馃殽 Green! The first qualifying of this Formula 1 season is underway.

Formula 1 24 minutes ago

For those who have forgotten: we will start with Q1, the first qualifying session that lasts eighteen minutes. It is important for the drivers to finish in the top fifteen, because the slowest five drop out after this session.

Formula 1 路 27 minutes ago

Are you also looking forward to it? The first qualification of this Formula 1 season is finally about to begin.

Formula 1 路 29 minutes ago

The Formula 1 weather gods also play games with us this season. It has been raining all week in Spielberg, but today and tomorrow it will remain dry.

Formula 1 路 34 minutes ago

Where does Max Verstappen end in qualifying for the Austrian Grand Prix?

  • First


  • Second


  • Third


  • Fourth


  • Fifth


  • Outside the top five


34 minutes ago

Formula 1 路 36 minutes ago

The last polesitters in Austria:

  • 2019 - Charles Leclerc - Ferrari
  • 2018 - Valtteri Bottas - Mercedes
  • 2017 - Valtteri Bottas - Mercedes
  • 2016 - Lewis Hamilton - Mercedes
  • 2015 - Lewis Hamilton - Mercedes
  • 2014 - Felipe Massa - Williams 馃摳

Formula 1 路 41 minutes ago

Qualification results Max Verstappen in Spielberg: 

  • 2019 - Third
  • 2018 - Fourth
  • 2017 - Fifth
  • 2016 - Eighth 馃摳
  • 2015 - Seventh

Formula 1 an hour ago

Formula 1 drivers make a statement against racism
The twenty Formula 1 drivers make a statement against racism tomorrow before the Austrian Grand Prix. That says Alexander Wurz, chairman of the drivers' union GPDA. It is still unclear what exactly the drivers will do. The first race of the year starts at 3.10 p.m.

Formula 1 an hour ago

One more hour and then the first qualifying of this Formula 1 season will begin.

Formula 1 2 hours ago

Renault talks to 'big names' for succession departing Ricciardo
Renault is committed to the search for the successor of Daniel Ricciardo. Team boss Cyril Abiteboul reports that his racing stable is talking to "big names" for next year. "We are talking with some big names, but also with less well-known drivers," said Abiteboul. "We want a driver that fits our project well. We are a unique team within Formula 1. We have been part of the sport for a long time, but have recently started again."

2 hours ago

Formula 1 2 hours ago

Horner hopes to attack Mercedes
Red Bull team boss Christian Horner secretly hopes Max Verstappen can keep a Mercedes in pole position, even though Lewis Hamilton is the fastest in all three sessions this weekend. "We made progress last night," said Horner at Sky Sports . "The third training gives a better picture of where we are. Mercedes is strong and we have to improve in a number of corners. I think there is definitely a chance to get one Mercedes. If we can get the package together and we can definitely challenge them in the last two corners. "

Formula 1 2 hours ago

All figures of the third free practice in a row.

FP3 CLASSIFICATION: Last practice before qualifying 馃憖 #AustrianGP 馃嚘馃嚬 # F1

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Formula 1 2 hours ago

At Racing Point they are very happy with the course of the weekend so far. The Silverstone team copied last year's Mercedes in great detail, and the car turns out to work excellently.

These boys ... these boys are good 馃馃Bring on Qualifying! We #WeRaceAsOne # F1 #AustrianGP

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Formula 1 2 hours ago

Verstappen clocked third time in the last practice GP Austria, Hamilton fastest
Max Verstappen finished third in the last free practice for the Grand Prix of Austria. Only Mercedes drivers Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas are faster than the Dutchman. Sergio P茅rez is fast again in his Racing Point and is fourth.

Formula 1 2 hours ago

2 more minutes - Sergio P茅rez climbs in his Racing Point to P4 at the expense of the Ferraris. The Maranello team has been warned.

Formula 1 2 hours ago

7 more minutes - Verstappen is no longer able to approach his time just now. He is in his seventh round on the soft tire. "Can I come in? My tires are not getting better," asks Verstappen. His engineer Gianpiero Lambiase answers in the affirmative.

Formula 1 3 hours ago

Another 10 minutes - Verstappen clocked the third time in his first qualification simulation. The Dutchman admits 0.283 seconds at Hamilton's fastest time. Bottas is still in between on P2.

Formula 1 3 hours ago

Another 12 minutes - Max Verstappen drives out on the soft tire and starts a qualifying simulation. Are we finally going to see what the Red Bull really has in house?

Formula 1 3 hours ago

Another 16 minutes - Bottas and Hamilton show that it can be done much faster. The Mercedes top the times list on the soft tire and are half a second faster than the rest. Verstappen has not yet ridden the soft tire.

Formula 1 3 hours ago

Another 18 minutes - Verstappen drives into the pits and will soon change his medium tires for soft tires. It is almost time for qualification simulations.

Formula 1 3 hours ago

Another 20 minutes - On the soft (and therefore faster) tire, the Ferraris increase the pace. Charles Leclerc (1.04,703) is now in first place, followed by Vettel (+0.148), Hamilton (+0.437, medium) and Verstappen (+0.636, medium).

Formula 1 3 hours ago

Another 22 minutes - Verstappen climbs to P4. He admits another two tenths on Hamilton, who rides the same tire.

Formula 1 3 hours ago

23 more minutes - Verstappen is also on the way again and has received a set of medium tires of seven rounds old.

Formula 1 3 hours ago

Looks like we'll be back on track 馃敎 #AustrianGP 馃嚘馃嚬 # F1

AvatarAvatar Author Formula 1 Time of places 12: 34 - 4 July 2020

Formula 1 3 hours ago

Another 26 minutes - The light turns green again. The session is resumed.

Formula 1 3 hours ago

The session resumes at 12.34 pm.

Formula 1 3 hours ago

32 more minutes - The score: 

  • Hamilton - 1.05,140 (M)
  • Vettel - 1.05.159 (S)
  • Leclerc - 1.05.298 (S)
  • Ricciardo - 1.05,380 (S)
  • Bottas - 1.05,448 (M)
  • Verstappen - 1.05,434 (M)
  • Formula 1 3 hours ago

    Latifi contra el muro # F1 #AustrianGP 馃嚘馃嚬

    AvatarAvatar Author Ra煤l Molina RecioMoment of places12: 24 - July 4, 2020

    Formula 1 3 hours ago

    Another 35 minutes - Latifi went really fast in the first corner. Williams' Canadian Formula 1 debutant gets out unscathed. For the Williams mechanics, there is a lot of work to be done to repair the car in time for qualifying.

    Formula 1 3 hours ago

    Another 36 minutes - Code red! Nicholas Latifi is in the wall.

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