- We are doing the investigation now but I can say that a nervous cut horse must not compete in Sweden, in general. And one of the questions here is whether the horse has been treated in a way that does not allow competition in Sweden, explains Maria Croon, CEO of Swedish trotting.

Even though that intervention has taken place far back in time, at that point are the rules clear?

- Yes that's how it is.

If a horse has been nerve-cut which is not allowed, if one concludes that it has happened, does it apply back in time?

- The horse is not judged to be in competitive condition if it has been treated this way according to our Swedish competition regiment. If so, what consequences will we have to look at then, says Maria Croon.

Nine-year-old Propulsion came to Sweden in 2015 after Stall Zet and Daniel Redén bought the horse at auction in the USA.

Since then, "Proppen" has collected over SEK 34 million. Last Sunday he crowned his career with winning the Elite race for the first time.