'Tennis Emperor' Roger Federer was found to have earned the most income in all sports around the world in the past year.

Looking at the top 100 world's most-earned athletes by 2020, published by the American economic magazine Forbes, Federer took the first place in the past 12 months, with revenues of $ 163 million and approximately $ 131.6 billion.

Forbes surveyed income for one year, divided into salaries, prizes, and sponsorships. Federer earned $ 6.3 million in prize money from the competition, and earned $ 100 million in various sponsorship contracts.

This is the first time Federer has been ranked first in the 1990 survey.

It is also the first time that a tennis player has been ranked first.

Federer was fifth in the survey last year, and the second highest in history was in 2013.

Lionel Messi, the 'football star' who was # 1 with $ 127 million last year, was ranked third with $ 140 million this year.

The second place this year was Cristiano Ronaldo, who was second in the past year, earning $ 150 million.

Neymardo ranked 4th with $ 95.5 million, and soccer players swept the 2nd to 4th place, and Mipro Basketball NBA sign star LeBron James placed 5th with $ 82.2 million.

In the aftermath of Corona 19, sports around the world stopped all around March, so the top 100 earnings totaled $ 3.6 billion, down 9% on average.

It has been four years since 2016 that the top 100 earnings totals declined.

Japanese female tennis player Naomi Osaka earned $ 37.74 million, ranking 29th overall, the highest among female and Asian nationalities.

By event, the number of NBA players was 35, followed by 31 non-professional NFL players, 14 football players, and 6 tennis players.

Looking at the top players in this category in the last 20 years, Tiger Woods, the 'Emperor of the Golf' has been # 1 12 times, Floyd Mayweather of the 'Undefeated Boxer' has been # 4, and Ronaldo has been # 1.

And Messi and Federer took the top spot once this year.

(Photo = Getty Image Korea)