Ronald Koeman would visit the cardiologist before he was affected by heart complaints. However, that appointment was canceled because the doctors were too busy fighting the coronavirus.

"It is very strange, but I would come to the AMC on March 19 for a check-up because my father died of cardiac arrest, but it was postponed until June 4 due to the corona crisis," said Koeman on Thursday in the RTL program Beau .

The 57-year-old national team coach of the Dutch national team was rushed to hospital early this month after he had chest pain at home after a round of cycling. He successfully underwent cardiac catheterization and was allowed to go home a few days later.

"Now I wonder how many people from whom such an appointment has been postponed are no longer alive. It is a problem that has been discussed a lot in recent weeks. Everything was fixed on the ICs in connection with corona. For me with the necessary consequences. In retrospect, I realize that I was lucky, "said Koeman.

'Working with a physiotherapist three times a week'

A few days after the incident, Koeman announced that he was feeling "as healthy as a fish" again, and that is still the case. He hopes that he can get back to work on the field soon. International football is still on hold for the time being: only matches are scheduled for the end of the year.

"I think it is normal that things are going so well again. I am on the medication and I am working with the physiotherapist three times a week to restore my condition. I went to the cardiologist this morning and everything was in order. We will continue happily, "said the former professional player.

"I had never felt anything like it. Maybe I cycled a little too far, 96 kilometers. I came home broken, got chest pain, went completely white and started to sweat. I thought: this is not good. It was 3.45 pm At a little after 4.30 pm I was already helped in the hospital. I have been up all the time. "

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