State epidemiologist Anders Tegnell has stated during the pandemic that it is not the matches that are of concern, but that it is the crowds that football contributes to.

A statement that was not liked by the football clubs.

Technically popular?

Perhaps Tegnell could become more popular in Sweden's elite clubs after today's message.

Today, it is thought that the Public Health Authority and the government will answer the question: Can elite football start in June?

According to the papers of the evening newspapers, everything points to Tegnell saying "yes", and giving a clear sign for games this summer.

In this case, the men's sweden can be up for a match game on June 14 and the ladies Swan on June 27-28.

It is already clear that the matches will be played in front of empty stands. Five exchanges may also be required, according to Fifa's International Football Association decision.


If a positive message is made, the working pace will be fast for the clubs, Swedish elite football (Sef) and Elite football women (EFD), when training matches will be arranged, the men's Swedish cup will be squeezed (the ladies have been set) and then a variant of the games programs will be selected. which has existed for some time.

-A complication is that we are dependent on the international calendar and we will not be informed of this until mid-June, after Uefa's executive meeting on 17 June. Then a lot of things clear up, says Sef chairman Lars-Christer Olsson.

-The first part of the program will be available, but we cannot set dates for matches this fall. We have a basis that the clubs can immediately decide on.

According to Expressen and Aftonbladet, the Public Health Authority will report on the decision during a morning press conference, attended by Director General Johan Carlson, Minister of the Interior Mikael Damberg (S) and Minister of Culture and Sports Amanda Lind (MP).