The English Football Association has set June 17 as the starting date for the completion of its competition, after stopping since mid-March, due to the emerging Corona virus.

Liverpool, 25 points (and more games) ahead of their closest rival, Manchester City, the champion of the past two seasons, is closer than ever to a title that has been waiting for it for 30 years.

While the coronation of Liverpool will be almost decided, with nine stages remaining at the end of the season, many questions remain to be answered, especially with regard to the identity of the teams that qualify for the two continental competitions, i.e. the European Champions League and the European League (Europa League) competition, and relegation to the English team first.

1 When does Liverpool lift the cup?

Liverpool have played 29 games out of 38 scheduled this season, leading 25 points behind Manchester City, which has a postponed match against Arsenal, will be held on the first day of return, to be held on the same day, a second postponed match involving Aston Villa and Sheffield United.

Despite the delay imposed by "Covid-19," the most pessimists do not expect that this season the league will have a champion other than Liverpool.

And the club need mathematically to win only its first two games, to guarantee its first title in the England Championship since 1990, regardless of what the results of City.

In the event the latter loses his first match against Arsenal, postponed from the twenty-eighth stage, Liverpool's victory in his first match against rivals Everton will suffice to win the title.

Liverpool will have the opportunity to break more than a record this season, especially the largest number of points during the season (currently has 82 points, while the record is 100, and Manchester City achieved the 2017-2018 season), and the biggest difference between the champion and the second-place holder (19 points , Achieved by City in the same season).

2 Who qualifies for the champions?

English clubs usually fight a battle for the first four places that qualify for the next season of the Champions League, but the field of this battle expands this season to include the fifth place as well.

Currently, Manchester City, Leicester City and Chelsea complete the first four positions, knowing that the difference between Chelsea IV and Arsenal IX is only eight points, which may indicate a waiting battle that will be fierce.

But what will be on the minds of the competing clubs this season is the European Union (WIFA) decision to prevent Manchester City from competing for the next two seasons because it violated the rules of fair financial play.

With City expected to remain within the first four places (12 points away and a match less than the fifth Manchester United), attention will be directed to the Sports Arbitration Court (Cass), to which the North Club raised the issue of the penalty imposed on it.

In the event that the "Cup" retains the penalty, the club ranked fifth in the Premier League standings will be able to reserve its seat in the Champions League instead of Manchester City (in the event that the season does not end outside the first four places).

3 Who will ascend ... and who will descend?

Bournemouth, Aston Villa and Norwich City are in the 18th, 19th and 20th places, leading to relegation.

While Norwich (21 points) appears to be facing an inevitable drop, the competition will be raging between more than one team to avoid leaving the Premier League. Only four points separate the fifteenth place (Brighton) and the nineteenth (Aston Villa, with a deferred match).

West Ham (sixteenth), Watford (seventeenth), and Bournemouth, are equal to 27 points.

4 What will physical readiness be?

A number of players hope to be able to return strongly to the stadiums, after an absence due to injuries in the run-up to the suspension of competitions.

Notable among them are: England captain Harry Kane, fellow Spurs in South Korea's Sun Hyung-min, Manchester United superstar striker Marcus Rashford and French midfielder Paul Pogba, who has been missing for long periods in the 2019-2020 season.


A year has passed since Liverpool, without crowning the English Premier League.

Corona tormented Liverpool fans this season ... but the dream is close to the truth.

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