▲ Liverpool announced the decision to withdraw the team's layoffs

Liverpool, England's professional football team, decided to lay off some club officials temporarily because of financial pressures to stop the league, but after two days of criticism, critics withdrew and apologized to the fans.

Liverpool issued a statement on the club's homepage titled 'Peter Moore CEO's Letter to Liverpool Supporters' and said it would withdraw the employee layoff policy announced two days ago.

Liverpool announced last week's layoffs for some of its employees who were not participating directly in the match due to fiscal pressure following the suspension of the Premier League due to the spread of Corona19.

Liverpool insisted that "employees who were fired temporarily will be paid 100%. There will be no financial penalties."

Liverpool's action was to use the government's employment support system to pay only 20% of the salary of employees who were temporarily fired, and the other 80% to cover the government.

As a result, it was pointed out that the 'Rich Club' is trying to exploit the system prepared for business people with difficult circumstances.

Eventually, CEO Liverpool Moore said, "Last week we think we've made the wrong decision."

"We will ensure that all workers will be protected from layoffs and wage cuts during this unprecedented period," he said. "We pay employees without applying for government assistance even in the absence of a football match." I will find a way to do it. "

(Photo = Liverpool FC Twitter, Yonhap News)