Yesterday, the Football Association suddenly ended the contract of the Serbian national team coach, Ivan Jovanovic, while the Football Association did not reveal the reason for the coach's dismissal, and he contented himself during a press statement issued in this regard, certainly that the decision to end the coach's contract came on the recommendation of the National Teams and Technical Affairs Committee In the Football Association headed by Youssef Hussein Al-Sahlawi, the second vice-president of the federation, the head of the committee, while the former international player and legal advisor Salem Hadid considered that the question of the presence of Jovanovic as his absence, due to his presence without work during the last period due to the current crisis caused by the spread of Corona virus on The world level, which led to the cessation of sporting activity, as well as the postponement of the national team’s matches in the joint qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup and 2023 Asian Cup, considering that Jovanovic is a temporary coach for six months, describing matters for the team as not clear even in the case of contracting with a new coach, Due to the current stoppage of activity, and the inability to watch the next coach of the players in the event the current crisis continues to drag on.

Salem Hadid told Emirates Today: "The current crisis caused by the Corona virus changed the equation, and I think the issue of canceling the league has become logical." Hadid thought that the national team should choose a new coach for the team that is experienced and who has a great knowledge of the players to succeed in his mission.

Jovanovic, who was hired last December, remained without work and did not lead the team in any match, and was satisfied with watching the players during a short rally in Dubai for three days last January.

The Board of Directors of the Football Association assigned the National Teams and Technical Affairs Committee to study the contract file with a new technical staff.

- Jovanovic remained without work, and only watched the players during a short three-day rally.