Al-Wahda player, Spanish Jasper Bandero, revealed that the presence of his residence near the homes of professional players, made them train together to maintain their fitness, in preparation for any decision to return to the Arab Gulf League matches.

The player told the official website of Al-Wahda Club: “I live with my wife next to the club, and some of my teammates are neighbors, Lucas, Pedro, Manuele, Reem and Lee Myung, and we meet sometimes to perform the daily exercises that the technical staff put for us during the time we spend in the home stone.”

He added: "I do not hide that the feeling we currently live in stopping football has bored all players myself, but we must respect the laws in order to preserve public safety."

He continued: «I am excited to return to the stadiums again, and we are eager for the atmosphere of team training, matches and fans, and the technical and administrative staff of the team helps us greatly to overcome this period, I am grateful to the club for the support and attention that I got in all areas.

Gasper Bandero stressed that he is interested in everything that is published on social media as soon as it is landed on the “Twitter” and “Instagram” pages, to find out what is happening around him of events and news, and he is also keen to communicate permanently with his family members in Spain to discuss what is going on Arena.

He continued: "The web increased the number of individuals communicating with each other, regardless of the distance between them. Social networking sites occupy a large portion of my time, especially during the period of home quarantine, as I watch a group of foreign films during the rest period away from training."