In 11 years, I met Lee Cheong-yong of Ulsan preparing for a return to K-League. I'm expecting enough to get to the top of the virtual MVP vote, but how long will the opening be awaited?

Reporter Ha Sung-ryong.


Director Kim Do-hoon of Ulsan laughs every time he sees Lee Chung-yong.

[Kim Do-hoon: You just have to start the season quickly, right? Cheongyongyi is becoming the vitality of our team.]

[Lee Chung-Yong / Ulsan Midfielder: I am adapting well. Since I have lived in Korea for a long time, I always worry (carry) and take care and thank you.]

Lee Cheong-yong quickly brought up the condition in the warm consideration of Ulsan despite the gap of more than two months.

[Lee Chung-Yong / Ulsan Midfielder: Even if you go straight to the game, you are in good shape.]

Lee Cheong-yong, who was expected to rise to the top in the virtual MVP voting, will lead Ulsan's 15-year championship and aim for a real MVP.

With the opening being postponed indefinitely, we are preparing for a splendid return by meeting online with fans waiting for them.

[Lee Chung Yong / Ulsan Midfielder: I am very grateful. I really hope that there will be good results after the season ends (I look forward to it.)]

Lee Chung-yong, who is now 'Ulsan Man', seems to have a more special match with his friend's team Seoul.

[Lee Cheong-yong / Ulsan midfielder: (to Seoul) It seems to be a very difficult part for me to do a serie, and I think Seoul fans will be proud to show good game performance.]

We are waiting for the return of K League after 11 years.

[Lee Cheong-Yong / Ulsan Midfielder: (Many of you) are having a lot of trouble with corona, but I want you to be healthy and look forward to seeing you soon.]

(Video coverage: Pan-Jeong Bae, Video editing: Eunjin Choi)