Hou Baolin, Guo Quanbao Crosstalk "Eight Changes"

I don't know if you have heard "One of the Eight Great Changes" by Mr. Hou Baolin. This cross talk was created after the death of Emperor Guangxu and the "Mourning of the State" for a hundred days. Some poor opera and quyi artists were forced to switch to small businesses to make a living. Because they were unfamiliar with the way of doing business, they made a lot of jokes.

Behind the evocative paragraphs, it reflects the hardships and hardships of the working people at the bottom, and the bumpy fate of small people in the big age. Although the amused story in the cross talk is a long time ago from us, the history is always surprisingly similar. After the international sports are completely stopped due to the new crown pneumonia epidemic, some unknown athletes are also facing the crisis of being forced to change careers.

Screenshot of Dennis Novikov on social media.

An American tennis player named Dennis Novikov recently posted a photo of Kai Uber on his personal social media, with the text: "Kick Uber until the tennis game resumes."

On March 12, the Men's Professional Tennis Association announced that all ATP tournaments will be suspended for six weeks. All tours and challenges before April 27 will be cancelled; not long after, the WTA also announced that the tour will be suspended until May 2 day. Against this backdrop, the encounter of Dennis Novikov has become the epitome of many low-level athletes.

Another Australian tennis rookie Deminal said on social media that he was looking for a new job, and just a week ago, he was still drying his own racket and wanted to give it to a loyal Fans. American tennis player Saggia Vickery sent a resume directly online stating that she can work between March 16 and April 20.

Deminar is looking for a job on social media.

Compared with the star players at the top of the pyramid, these ordinary tennis players who survive on the prize money of the tournament have not enjoyed the glory of the spotlight, nor have they signed an endorsement contract for sky-high prices. Playing is just a means of their livelihood . After the epidemic came, it was these athletes who acted as the denominators.

However, with the spread of the new crown virus, some popular players have begun to run for their livelihood. Women's Tennis Grand Slam winner Xie Shuwei posted a "recruitment enlightenment" on personal social media on the 17th. She stated that she has recently lost her job. Students who want to learn ball can send her an email to sign up.

Compared with some people, Xie Shuwei undoubtedly belongs to a group of "lucky". In the case of no match, at least there are fans willing to "pay" for her fame. In fact, Denis Novikov and others are not in a desperate situation. They battle in high-level events. Although there is no income for the time being, after the game resumes, their lives are likely to return to normal. In some low-level leagues, the situation of athletes is even more distressed.

"Enlightenment of Enrollment" released by Xie Shuwei.

After the MLB announced the cancellation of the remaining spring training games and the 2020 regular season opener was postponed for at least two weeks, the players who lived in minor league teams are facing a survival crisis. The salary of the minor leagues is meager. Players will rely on odd jobs to maintain their livelihood during the off-season. At the same time, they will have to find gyms and training facilities to maintain their status. This sudden epidemic not only disrupted their training plans, but how to fill their stomachs the next day also became something they must consider every moment.

A player named Pete Bayer hasn't received a salary since August last year, and the outbreak has made his already poor life even more stretched. In order to make a living, he started to take delivery, and three hours later he made $ 62. For the unemployed Bayer, this income is quite satisfactory.

Screenshot of Peter Bayer social media.

The Tokyo Olympics, originally scheduled to be held in 2020, also pressed the pause button on March 24, and the quadrennial sports feast was postponed. Such a decision affects not only athletes on the field, but also tens of millions of practitioners in the sports industry. When the boots landed, there was a high probability that they would hit ordinary people without umbrellas.

In the face of this epidemic, no one seems to be able to survive alone. At any time, the fate of an individual is closely connected with society and the times. Ordinary people in all sentient beings are like dandelions on the earth. A breeze blows through them, and their "fate" can be changed. However, I don't know if you have seen wild flowers blooming in the ruins of the ruins, the dandelions in the fields, the thriving pine mushrooms in the old forests of the mountains ... They are humble as dust, but strong as steel.

The little man of the era, but also the creator and participant of the era. They "brave on to the horizon" and persevere.

Life without spectators.

More than a hundred years ago, in order to survive, sang Hualian to sell 馄饨, sell watermelons, sang old to sell gimmicks, sell hard noodles ... Now sports people who have been forced to change careers under the epidemic are just like those artists in the past General tenacity: Facing the unknown life, they move forward. (Author Xing Rui)