Postponement of onshore “Golden Grand Prix” Tokyo Olympics pre-competition canceled March 30 21:03

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus, the “Golden Grand Prix” land competition scheduled to be held in May has been postponed.

The athletics “Golden Grand Prix” is an international tournament in which prominent players from Japan and abroad participate and will be held at the National Stadium in May.

However, according to the Japan Federation of Athletics Federations, it was decided that the tournament was postponed on the 30th due to the ongoing spread of the new coronavirus.

It is not yet decided when the new event will be held.

In addition, the Tokyo Olympics pre-competition, which was also scheduled at the National Stadium in May, will be canceled, and the timing and scale of the competition will be re-examined for the next year.

On land, other major domestic and international tournaments have been postponed or canceled one after another, and the Japan Athletic Federation is discussing the treatment of the Japanese Championship in June, which is the Olympic selection event.