In a live on Instagram Sunday evening, Karim Benzema compared himself to Olivier Giroud, claiming that the two attackers were not boxing in the same category. A new episode in the endless debate on the attack of the Blues, who set fire to social networks.

The center of Real Madrid, multiple times winner of the Champions League and the Spanish first division, dropped on Olivier Giroud, controversial center of the Blues, during a live on Instagram Sunday evening. Hierarchizing his playing style and that of the Chelsea striker, his words set the canvas on fire. "It’s going to be fast guys, we don’t confuse F1 and Karting, and I’m nice. I know I’m F1," he said to his fans, throwing the hashtags # Benzema and #Giroud in Twitter trends.

Benzema about Giroud # / KmdWc3juNr

- (@ Moohaaa213) March 29, 2020

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Success is assured, its audience wants more, and this allows them to put back a piece in the endless debate that agitates French football: which of him or of Olivier Giroud must ensure the offensive animation of the French Team of soccer ?

Benzema, who made the heyday of the Blues at the 2014 World Cup, is no longer summoned to the French Team since October 2015. And comparing Olivier Giroud to karting, the Real Madrid striker may have forgotten his twelve games and his 1,222 minutes without scoring selection goals between 2012 and 2013.

Benzema nuances his point and recalls the importance of Giroud within the Blues

But since then, water has flowed under the bridge. Olivier Giroud, although he did not score a single goal during the final phase of the 2018 World Cup, where France was victorious, became an effective holder in the game system set up by Didier Deschamps. And that is Karim Benzema who says it, later in his live with Mohamed Henni, iconic supporter of Olympique de Marseille. "His style of play is good for the French team. He stays in front of the defense, he weighs on the defenses," said Benzema.

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The "Formula 1 / Karting" comparison is therefore not very relevant, except taking aesthetic criteria into account. "Does everyone like this game? I don't know", eludes the former Olympique Lyonnais player.

Karim Benzema has relied on his impeccable statistics for eleven years in one of the best teams in the world. In 500 games with Real, he scored 240 goals, almost every two games. And if he never said he gave up on the Blues, this new derogatory salvo will no doubt be very badly received by the coach. It is similar, F1 or not, to a road exit.