The sum is more than double against the Swede who withdrew the second most in prize money, Britta Johansson Norgren. Öberg entered € 145,000 in the individual races, received 10,000 for the victory of the distance cup and received another € 22,000 for success in various relays during the winter.

A total of 177 750 euros, which is just over SEK 1.9 million in today's rate.

- We get relatively good with prize money and there are many who get, there are more who get the opportunity to live on their sport. It is exactly the same prize money ladies as gentlemen. I think IBU gives back to biathlon in a good way, they invest in spreading the sport in many countries, says Hanna Öberg.

"My goal is to be a role model"

The prize money is far from the only income for our Swedish ski stars. All riders have personal agreements with their respective unions and their own sponsors. Many of these agreements also give bonuses based on how to succeed in sports.

So even though the medal rain failed at the Antholz World Cup, Hanna Öberg can look back on a gold-edged season in many ways.

- My goal is to be a role model and inspire others that you can do more than you think, says Öberg.

CLIP: Hear Hanna Öberg and see the feature here

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So much did the winter stars pull in prize money