Just like virtually every other sport in the world, the long-running season was canceled prematurely.

But it did not stop the Norwegian stars from skiing. Several riders have been running extremely long races lately.

Started yesterday

Among other things, Anders Aukland and Joar Thele went 321 km long.

But that wasn't enough. Yesterday, at 12 o'clock, they began an even longer session. Their goal was 50 kilometers, which they reached on Sunday afternoon. When SVT Sport reached their team Team Ragde Property Manager Magnar Dalen at 18, the trio was still out in the track.

- We don't really know how long until they last. But they have passed 500 kilometers, he says.

No official record

They run a trail of about five kilometers across a lake in the forest outside Oslo. Now that they have passed 500 kilometers, without breaks for anything other than toilet visits, change of clothes and skiing, it is (probably) the longest ski race ever. The official world record was set by Finnish Hans Mäenpää when he traveled 472 kilometers in April 2018.

- A world record on how far skiing is must be specified very carefully. In principle, measuring tape must be measured with tape measure, explains Magnard Dalen.

- They have passed, but this can never be accepted as an official world record.

But you might call it an unofficial world record?

- Yes, that is just the right assessment! And Mäenpää traditionally went, those who now run mix stakes and skits. So they have it a little easier.

How do you think they will feel when they are ready?

- Hahahaha! They probably won't talk ... Many of these have done extreme things before, gone over Greenland and stuff. They know what different excavations you come in. Sometimes it feels like you will fall asleep when you go, but then you get some caffeine in it. But you go as if in half consciousness.

Warns of serious damage

Magnar Dalen is aware, however, that it is not too healthy, what his mentees have for themselves.

- But after all, it's eight months until it's another important competition. So we think the curing process can be good. Then we know that tendons, elbows and such can get a thorn. Serious damage can occur.

In addition to the aforementioned riders, Anders's 16-year-old son Oliver also participated in the 28 km.