Client, Beijing, March 27th, by the title: "Comrade Marbury" in the epidemic diary, all the words are warm

Author Wang Sishuo

If counting from the signing of the Shanxi Men's Basketball Team on January 27, 2010, Stephen Marbury has come to China for a full ten years.

Data map: On March 30, 2012, Beijing Jinye defeated Guangdong Hongyuan and won the CBA championship trophy. The picture shows the Beijing team celebrating the championship, Marbury was in tears. Photo by Alexander wang

What does it mean for ten years? Throw this question at Marbury, and he may answer in four words: reborn. Marbury, who was constantly in trouble both inside and outside the stadium, exchanged a new life with a bold decision. It can even be described like this, a bloodthirsty "lone wolf" turned into a "sweat BMW", and even today "Comrade Marbury".

After the NBA All-Star Aura came to China, the fans here are willing to use the old horse to call this stranger. After tossing around multiple teams, the old horse finally took root in Beijing, and his relationship with a city began. From the heroes of the Shougang Dynasty to the new head coach of Beijing Enterprises, his figure has been drawn longer and longer with the passage of time.

Data map: On November 20, 2019, in the seventh round of the CBA League, Beijing Shougang defeated Beijing Beikong 87:79 at home. Marbury returned to Wukesong for the first time as coach but failed to take away a victory. The picture shows the Beijing team coach Marbury appeared in white. Friday crazy photo

The new crown pneumonia epidemic that swept the world this year came suddenly, and the suspension of the wave has spread to the CBA league, which was two months ago.

After playing the last game before the Spring Festival, Marbury got on the flight back to the United States and planned to enjoy a week's vacation. Unexpectedly, his Spring Festival holiday has been forced to be extended until returning to Beijing on March 11.

After getting off the plane, the first thing the old horse did was to go to the hospital for a test for new crown virus, and the final result was negative. He filmed this process and put it on social media. In the video, he said seriously: "I am in China at the moment, and I will do this test now. I have an obligation to protect the safety of the people around me. This is a serious matter. Things. "

Marbury photographed himself undergoing a nucleic acid test. Marbury personal social media screenshot

The test results relieved the old horse's worry. But just a week later, the news that NBA star Kevin Durant was diagnosed with new crown pneumonia was confirmed and made people who care about Marbury nervous.

During the American vacation, the old horse was not idle. On March 7, local time, he attended the premiere of his personal autobiographical film "Children from Coney Island" in New York. In this film about Marbury's entire basketball career, Durant is the executive producer. At the event, the two not only met, but also took photos side by side many times.

Marbury interacted with Durant at the event. Network video screenshot

It's hard to tell from the date whether Durant was infected with the virus when he met Marbury. If it's not done, Marbury will probably be put on the dangerous list. Fortunately, during the quarantine, he watched the live training of the team at home, and "remotely controlled" the command team, while "according to the requirements, according to the regulations! Listen to the organization!" Take a check in body temperature, and never fall.

Marbury personal Weibo screenshot

On the afternoon of the 25th, Lao Ma ended his 14-day home isolation. On Weibo, he showed a proof of the end of the isolation period and took a photo with the "sisters" of the neighborhood committee. Wearing a mask and a smile on his face, he is still familiar to the fans.

Looking through Marbury's Weibo, the earliest piece of content related to the epidemic came from January 26, the evening of the second day of the Lunar New Year. Coincidentally, this day is only one day away from his first visit to China ten years ago. In the video he posted, he slowly typed this sentence:

"My heart feels heavy for my second hometown at this moment. I deeply sympathize with the people of Wuhan. At this time, please be strong. The Chinese-style speed is showing the world how a big country can move forward like a solid whole. I pray that the infected patients will recover quickly and express my deep condolences to those who have lost their families. My heart is painful, but I still hope to pass strong energy to the entire Chinese people. Love is love. "

Since then, there have been 26 further developments on his Weibo, and 15 related to China's epidemic resistance. At the beginning of the spread of the epidemic, some people were panicked because of the spread of the virus. In the sticky Weibo written on January 31 by Lao Ma, he did his best to soothe people's emotions: "We are always passive before the unknown. Please do n’t Too worried, we need more love. At this time, we must stick to our beliefs and believe that the results must be good. "

Marbury's top Weibo was posted in the early morning of January 31, at a time when the pressure on the national defense epidemic was high. Weibo screenshot

Careful netizens also found a detail, Marbury had previously quietly changed his Weibo cover to Academician Zhong Nanshan. He said: "China allows me to see the highest state of teamwork. This is a victory for all humankind! I hope all countries can follow suit and try to save every virus-infected life." It seems as if facing the epidemic together with the Chinese people Let Lao Ma's understanding of Chinese society deepen.

Since obtaining the Permanent Residence Permit for Foreigners commonly known as the "China Green Card" five years ago, Marbury has long regarded China as his second hometown. His personal habits began to become Oriental, especially in terms of diet. Not long ago, he also yelled at UFC upstart Zhang Weili and had an appointment for a hot pot. However, due to fear of being infected during the return flight, Zhang Weili has not been able to return to China so far.

Data map: On the evening of February 9, in the final round of the season's CBA regular season game between the home team and Jiangsu, legendary Marbury officially announced his retirement. Photo by reporter Tian Bochuan

After working and living in China for ten years, Marbury has accumulated a lot of relationships. During the player period, he was the first to fall into charge, and after retiring, he completed his identity conversion and picked up his pointer. His experience is, in many people's eyes, enough to be called a CBA legend. Especially in the eyes of many foreign aids, Marbury is more like a big brother.

As the domestic epidemic situation improves, more and more CBA foreign aid is returning to China. However, the timing of the restart of the league has not been determined, which has also encouraged some foreign aids, such as the Fujian team's Jeter. While hesitating whether to return to China, a phone call with Marbury convinced him to return to China.

"Where are you?" Jeter's question was straightforward, and the answer on the other side of the phone was equally straightforward-"I'm in China." After eating the reassurance pills, Jeter quickly got on the rework flight and arrived in China and entered 14. Days of isolation, just like Marbury.

Data Map: On April 1, 2014, the 2013-2014 season CBA League champion Beijing Jinxun held a fan meeting. All the team members appeared on the stage to thank the fans. The picture shows Marbury was "bear hug kiss" by "aunt" fans. Picture source: Osports All Sports Pictures

At the premiere of the movie 20 days ago, the old horse facing the camera was thinking of many Chinese goodies. He said, "China gave me strength and courage. When I needed it most, it was China who helped." He also said, "China is very good at fighting the epidemic, and the government has helped everyone. Profound. This shows us how to fight the epidemic quickly and responsibly. When China does what it says, it shows its love for the people. "

What China gave to Lao Ma was moved, confident, and powerful ... everything he remembered. (Finish)