Yankees Masahiro Tanaka first pitching in the open game 2 goals, 2 runs February 9 9:14

Major league pitcher Yankees pitcher Masahiro Tanaka pitched for the first time in an open game in Florida on the 26th.

Tanaka is the first Japanese player to win a double-digit victory for the sixth consecutive year with 11 wins and 9 losses last season.

Tanaka pitched for the first time at the camp in the opener against the Nationals in Tampa, Florida on Tuesday.

In the first round, the first batter hit the second batter from the first out, but did not score for the next two batters.

In the second round, a split split from 1st base to 7th batter was carried to the left, and a two-run home run was conceded. The next batter was a split strikeout and the next batter was a light fly, and pitcher Tanaka threw twice and hit two with two runs and two strikeouts.

Aaron Boone commented, "The home run was hit in the split, but the ball was generally good. The pitch was good."

Tanaka recalled, "I didn't like some of the balls, but I corrected them during the pitch and were thrown the next good ball. Overall, I think it was a very profitable pitch."

Next pitcher Tanaka will start in the Red Sox game on the 3rd of next month.