Yankees Tanaka Pitching practice in the actual battle Smooth adjustment February 22 10:42

Major League Yankees pitcher Masahiro Tanaka set out to practice for the second time at the camp on the 21st camp, fighting a total of 11 batters, and the hit performance was well adjusted to 3 hits Was. Yankees pitcher Tanaka set out on a camp in Tampa, Florida on the 21st to practice a second combat pitch against batters.

In the first mound, Tanaka faced a total of five batters, took three strikeouts, and had no hit.

After a short break in anticipation of the match, Tanaka went up to the second mound and threw it to a total of six batters, hitting three hits including home runs, and one strikeout.

After pitching, Tanaka pitched the pitch he wanted to throw and adjusted it.

"I think both the fastball and the changing ball have a good feel, and I feel good overall.

The Yankees will be in the open game on the 22nd, and pitcher Tanaka will face his first live mound in the Nationals on the 26th.