Yankees Masahiro Tanaka pitching practice with a bullpen in preparation for the campFebruary 12 16:00

Major league Yankees pitcher Masahiro Tanaka trained on a bullpen to prepare for the camp starting in Florida two days later.

Yankees pitcher Tanaka has won double-digit victories for the sixth consecutive year, and is expected to be active in the starting rotation this season, the final year of the Yankees contract.

Prior to the Yankees camp starting in Tampa, Florida this month, Tanaka was training voluntarily, and on the 11th he went into a bullpen to practice pitching. Tanaka pitched a pitcher coach, sat down with a catcher, and pitched 30 balls, including fastballs and split balls and sliders.

Tanaka had an operation to remove the thorn on the right elbow in October last year, but the adjustment has progressed so far, so after pitching practice I exchanged opinions with the coach and form. Was.

Two days later, Tanaka enters his seventh year at the Yankees camp, ushering in a new season.