It was Örebro for the whole slant initially in Karlstad. But close shoots no hare, and despite frame hits for the guests, it was instead Färjestad who took the lead in the first period. In a powerplay, Per Åslund was able to steer a shot pass from Marcus Nilsson with just over minutes left of the period.

However, the answer would come quickly in the second period. In the surge after a powerplay, Örebro was able to take advantage of Färjestad's neglect in his own zone, and Linus Öberg managed to put 1-1 after being completely clean in the castle.

Örebro then pushed for a lead goal, but after half the period Färjestad took over overall and was extremely close to taking back the lead. But Dominik Furch was standing in the way, and the only puck he let go was saved by the post.

Late crucial for Färjestad

In the third period, Färjestad parked long hours in the Örebro zone, though without creating the really hot chances. It was rather Örebro who created the sharpest chances when they were close to taking the lead in the counter-attack. But in the end, the home fans would get cheer. When Victor Ejdsell, after a long Färjestads attack with four minutes left, held the puck at the blue line and pulled away a wrist shot, a stubborn Furch could no longer resist.

- It was nice to hang it there, Ejdsell tells C More.

With one minute left, Gustav Rydahl was able to puncture the match 3-1 in open cage, securing Färjestad's first victory against Örebro for the season.

- I think it's an even match. I think we eat more and more, says Ejdsell.