Tokyo marathon participation players announced Shitara players strong willingness to enter the Olympics January 28 18:49

Participants of the Tokyo Marathon, one of the final rounds of the Tokyo Olympic Men's Marathon National Team, are announced, and the previous Japanese record holder, Yuta Shitara, is keen to set a new record in Japan. Was shown.

The last one frame of the men's marathon representative of the Tokyo Olympics is the Tokyo Marathon on March 1st and the remaining two races of the Lake Biwa Mainichi Marathon one week later, within 2 hours, 5 minutes and 49 seconds, breaking the Japanese record. The player with the fastest time is selected.

On the 28th, Tokyo Marathon runners were announced in Tokyo, and Shitara, a former Japanese record holder, attended a press conference, as well as Inoue, who won the current Japanese record holder Ojiro Osako and the adult Asian tournament. Major players such as Ohito have entered.

The Tokyo Marathon is said to be easier to score because of the relatively flat course setting, and Shitara, who set a Japanese record at that time two years ago in this tournament, said, "We have to set a new Japanese record. As in years ago, everyone wants to shake themselves and have a bad race. "

If there were no competitors to set a Japanese record in the selection race, the final one frame of the Olympic team will be decided by Osako who finished third in the MGC last September.

The 28-year-old Shitara, the same player as Osako, said, "I think that the synchronous showdown is only one of this tournament, so it would be nice if we could run together. It is a really strong player who can produce results in tension. I want to be on the starting line with 100% preparation. "