“I don’t know for what reasons (perhaps a lack of attention, empathy - athletes are people too, and sometimes they also need a good, human attitude just like people, and not like machines for knocking out the result)‚ but Alina asked several times tell me something on a show in Japan, ”Plushenko wrote on his Instagram.

At the same time, he noted that he respects other people's contracts, so he was not going to interfere in his work with the athlete of his own free will. According to him, Zagitova herself turned to him, and he gave her some professional advice.

“Then she believed that she was in a certain impasse, including the need to master the quadruple jumps. It is strange that the whole headquarters did not take into account the trends of modern sports, ”said the two-time Olympic champion.

He indicated that he did not try to lure Zagitova to himself, and also expressed the opinion that Tutberidze in this situation evaluates the people around him on his own.

“By golly, Eteri, if I wanted to“ lure someone ”, believe me, my authority and resources would be enough for an impressive list, for the whole Plushenko-tim, with good salaries and big sponsorship contracts. But so far there is only “Tim-Tutberidze”. You still haven’t messed up anything? ”Plushenko added.

On December 13, 17-year-old Zagitova announced that she was suspending participation in the competition. She is the Olympic champion, as well as the winner of the world and European championships.

Recall that the Tutberidze team sharply responded to the statements of Tatyana Tarasova and Plushenko about Zagitova, who had suspended her career. In particular, the publication of the former skater was accused of trying to "lure Zagitova to him."

Earlier, Maxim Trankov said that he was ashamed of the situation in modern figure skating.