The Al Ain team coach, Croatian Ivan Liko, said that he is ready to be removed from his post, if the club’s management believes that it is the reason for the decline in the team’s performance, during the current period, indicating that the “leader” fans have the right to express what they see, indicating that he does not understand The Arabic language, so he does not know what the fans said about him on social media, after the tie against Al-Nasr in the last round.

The coach said at the press conference yesterday: “The fans have the right to express however you want. For me, I am not fluent in the Arabic language, and I did not follow the comments that were written about me. What I would like to say is that if the club’s management feels that I am the problem in what the team is going through, "She has the right to take any action. For me, I offer all my experiences to serve this club."

“I love working in this club and continuing here, we are improving at the level of the whole team, but if I were asked: Why are we not at the top of the ranking, there are many reasons and I am not currently in this regard,” added Liko, who leads Al Ain training since the beginning of the current season. "But this is football, and this is generally the case."

Al Ain coach added, in his talk about the wave of mass anger: “After the Sharjah match, a group of fans spoke to me, and they told me that they had not seen in a long time the team with this good performance, so what is the fact that four days ago the coach is at the top, and then things turn upside down He is, but I think he is the passion and love for football. ” And if the team is still at the center of the competition and the possibility of achieving the league title, Ivan Liko said: «We are still in the competition for the title, we have only played eight games, and there are still a lot of matches and points, we have experienced a numerical shortage in many games, and I think the opportunity is good now "During the winter transfer period, in order to balance the support of the team, other teams such as Al-Nasr have Spanish Alvaro Negredo, and Al-Jazeera has players like Ali Mabkhout and (Amouri)."

Evan Liko:

“We're still in competition

On the title .. we just played

Eight games. ”