Fukuoka International Marathon No Olympic candidate nominated.

One of the selection races for the Tokyo Olympic men's marathon, the Fukuoka International Marathon was held and Taku Fujimoto was in second place, but the time was 2 hours, 9 minutes and 36 seconds. Failed to cut dispatch setting record.

The representatives of the Tokyo Olympic marathon were selected by two men and women at the MGC = Marathon Grand Championship in the selection race held in September.

The remaining one frame is that if there are players who cut the “dispatch setting record” in three races for both men and women in the country, the player who recorded the best will be selected, and if there is no player who will cut the record, the MGC third-ranked player will be selected It is

The focus of the Fukuoka International Marathon on the 1st was to be able to achieve a time of 2 hours, 5 minutes, and 49 seconds, which is the record of the dispatch setting to update the Japanese record at the men's first selection race.

From the beginning of the race, players who participated in MGC such as Fujimoto and Sato Sato, who had the best personal time from the beginning, pulled faster than the Japanese record.

After that, Sato and others were delayed by 27km, and Fujimoto and Morocco's Elmahajuve Daza were beaten, but when Daza jumped out and passed 30km, Fujimoto was released.

Fujimoto was unable to complete the dispatch setting record in 2nd place, 2 hours 9 minutes 36 seconds, which was 1 minute 40 seconds later than his personal best. did not.

The winner was Daza, 2 hours 7 minutes 10 seconds.

Marathon representative The last frame is ...

Of the three representatives of the Tokyo Olympic marathon, two men and women were decided at the MGC = marathon grand championship in the representative selection race held in September, but the last one is by March next year. Determined based on the results of the target race.

MGC demanded a high “adjustment ability” that can demonstrate its power in production, but the last one frame for men and women is to place a “dispatch setting record” in each of the three races held in Japan with an emphasis on “speed”. The player with the best record will be selected from the players who cut.

The “temporary setting record” is a time of high hurdles, with boys updating Japan records 2 hours 5 minutes 49 seconds and girls 2 hours 22 minutes 22 seconds.

The target race is called “MGC Final Challenge”. In addition to the Fukuoka International Marathon, where the boys were held on the 1st, the Tokyo Marathon next March, the Lake Biwa Mainichi Marathon, and the Saitama International Marathon on the 8th of this month, Osaka International Women's Marathon and March Nagoya Women's Marathon.

If there is no player who will cut the “dispatch setting record”, then the boy who finished 3rd in MGC will be decided to be the representative of Ms. Osako and Ms. Ohara.

As a result of MGC, Tokyo Olympic marathon representatives are Takumi Nakamura and Yuma Hattori for boys and Honma Maeda and Ayuko Suzuki for girls.