In the meeting between Nashville and Vancouver, it was Nashville that shot the most, while Vancouver shot the best. Despite a shot at 48-23 to Nashville, Vancouver won the match 6-3.

In large part, Vancouver was able to thank its cage guard Jacob Markström for the victory, he played great, made 45 saves and was named one of the game's best players.

Another major player was Elias Pettersson, who scored his ninth goal of the season when he started Vancouver's goal shooter with a receipt goal 16 minutes into the first period.

Pettersson was given plenty of time in powerplay to place his shot behind Pekka Rinne in the Nashville goal.

In addition, the Swede stood for two assists in the match, thereby strengthening his leadership in the club's internal points and assists. Calle Järnkrok was one of the goalkeepers on the Nashville side, and he also played until the 5-3 goal.