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This summer, when Real Sociedad undertook a shameless commitment to reshape and rejuvenate its offensive front, the eyes focused on Martin Odegaard , assigned by Real Madrid for two seasons. In the Txuriurdin club, however, the signing that really generated enormous enthusiasm was that of Alexander Isak , another Nordic jewel, another star since he was a teenager. Since his emergence in the Swedish league, at 17, he bore the label of being the "black Ibrahimovic." A comparison too tempting to avoid: they share both nationality, position in the field and a skill with the ball totally unusual in players of his height, 190 centimeters in the case of the player who on Saturday faces Madrid at the Bernabéu.

Blanco could have been his destiny a few years ago, but the boy ended up signing with Borussia Dortmund despite the interest of the Madrid team. Isak, tremendously young, did not find the necessary continuity in the German team for two seasons, which caused last January to be transferred to Willem II. In the Dutch league his talent sprouted, scoring 14 goals in 18 games . The Dortmund, in spite of everything, decided to give him exit, take the opportunity to take a slice. And that was when the Real appeared to sign a forward of the future and a replacement before the possible departure of Willian José , which finally did not occur.

Just a few days later, it was Odegaard who arrived in San Sebastian. Although their languages ​​are different, Swedish and Norwegian are easily understandable, something similar to what happens with Spanish and Galician, for example. Therefore, Isak and Odegaard have been mutually supportive during their first months in the Royal. An especially beneficial relationship for the Swedish, since the Norwegian is fluent in Spanish after several years in the quarry in Madrid. Both share a Spanish teacher in Zubieta with French Sagnan , something that Real shared with his fans through a video in which the three are seen progressing in their knowledge of the language. "It is very important to speak Spanish to communicate with my colleagues," the Swedish striker explained with acceptable fluency.

A landline in Sweden

On the sporting level, Isak has already scored two goals and has participated in all Real matches this season, although he has only done so twice as a starter. Willian José is still ahead in the plans of Sheriff , who plays with a single center forward striker, although part of the fans is prone to a change in the hierarchy. His replacement has not prevented him from being a regular from Sweden, who has achieved the direct pass for the next Eurocup . Isak has participated in the 10 matches of the qualifying phase, including the two that faced Sweden and Spain, scoring three goals throughout the phase.

With his selection he lived a sad episode a week ago. As soon as he jumped onto the pitch, part of Romania's fans began to give him racist chants because of the color of his skin . The Eritrean footballer addressed the referee, the Italian Daniele Orsato, who, upon realizing the situation, offered to stop the match. "I told him to continue," Isak explained, in a gesture perhaps of maturity, perhaps of unconsciousness. The fact is that in the following hours he received a wave of messages of support, starting with that of the Royal Society through an official statement, and of condemnations of racism after an unfortunate event that is being investigated by UEFA and that is surely closed with a penalty to Romania. At the moment, this Saturday threatens, along with his Norwegian friend, the Bernabéu.

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