Speed ​​Skating World Cup Round 2 Miho Takagi 12th place on November 23 at 8:34

The second round of the World Cup of Speed ​​Skating was held in Poland on the 22nd, and Miho Takagi was 12th in 4 minutes 12 seconds 26 with a girl of 3000m.

Round 2 of this season's Speed ​​Skating World Cup was held on the 22nd and the first day in Poland.

Of these, Takagi who participated in women's 3000m was in the 12th place at 4 minutes 12 seconds 26 because his time did not increase in the end.

The winner was Czech Martina Sabriko Bar, who marked 4'6.13.

In addition, Japan was ranked 3rd at 1 minute 29.65 in the women's team sprint.