Group B of the Arabian Gulf Cup, today, a fateful match for Sharjah, when they host at home in the sixth round Fujairah, at eight and a half, and has no alternative but to win in order to maintain his chance to qualify to the second round, and then wait for the results of the rest of the matches Especially since he will conclude his matches in the group stage today. Fujairah have two chances, while Sharjah have one. Al-Fujairah's victory will officially qualify them, regardless of the outcome of their last round match, as they will reach 10 points.

On the other hand, Bani Yas will play an important game, when he receives Hatta at 6:00 at the Bani Yas Stadium, in a difficult match for the two teams who have the opportunity to qualify to the quarter-finals, provided they win one of them today, before the seventh and final round.

Having officially qualified for this group, the calculations remain complex for the rest of the teams, especially for Sharjah. Fujairah have seven points with two remaining matches, against only one match for Sharjah (six points), one remaining game for Al Wasl, two matches for Bani Yas (five points) and two games for Lahta (four points), which means that Sharjah even with the win to wait until the last round, But Fujairah's victory will make them officially qualify for the second round, regardless of the results of other teams.

Sharjah fears the fourth loss in the competition, and the repetition of the scenario of its previous match against Hatta note that Sharjah has played so far five games, won only two games against Ajman and Al Wasl, and lost in three to Bani Yas and Al Wahda and Hatta. It is expected that Sharjah will play the game with the players of the second row, as he did in the game Hatta.

The last meeting between Sharjah and Fujairah was in the fifth round of the league, and the King won 2-1.

In the other game, Hatta enters the game with high morale, having revived his fortunes after the last win over Sharjah, in return Bani Yas wants to make up for the previous loss from Al Wasl in the fifth round.

"Hatta is a strong team," said Schaefer, the German coach of Bani Yas. "We saw him lose to Al Jazira, and draw with Sharjah, despite advancing by two goals and presenting levels that prove that UAE football and tournaments here have no stronger team." From a team and everyone can win. ”

Schaefer added: «Morale determines the winner, so we will enter the meeting determined to win, has returned to us the Olympic team players: Khalid Al Attas, Khalid Al Dhanhani, Khalid Al Balooshi and Mohammed Al Hammadi, who won the Dubai International Olympic Team Championship, and I am happy to hear This is positive news. ”

On the other hand, Hatta coach, Greek contis, said he knew very well the strength of Bani Yas and stressed in a press conference: «We play the game in order to win and achieve three points, which is the only goal of the team if they want to climb, so the players know what they have, especially as they In front of a team made big matches in the league ».

Eligibility Accounts

- Sharjah are required to win only in their last match today in the group stage and wait for the results of others.

- Fujairah's win today against Sharjah officially qualifies for the second round.

- The fourth card may be largely confined between Bani Yas and Hatta and is linked to the outcome of their match today.

- Bani Yas's eight-point lead will mean that they are very close to qualifying.

- The match «Heavenly» fate is purely, as losing almost means losing the opportunity to get a qualifying card.