Russian land qualification suspended due to concealing violation of doping inspection November 22 16:04

In the Russian Athletic Federation, which continues to suspend qualifications due to organized doping issues, this time, provisions from the International Land Federation said that executives such as the president and athletes conspired to create false documents and concealed violations of doping tests. Qualification suspension was imposed.

This was announced by the International Athletics Federation's independent monitoring department on the 21st.

According to that, when the Russian Land Federation was Daniel Luisenko, who won the silver medal in the men's high jump of the world championship, last year over the unconventional doping test and was dismissed without telling the location information, Suppose you try to conceal the violation by creating a document.

On that basis, the International Land Federation announced that it had imposed temporary suspension of qualifications for seven people, including the President of the Russian Land Federation Syryakhtin and Luisenko.

As a result of the systematic doping problem, the suspension of qualification of the Russian Land Federation has continued since 2015, and Russian track and field athletes are not allowed to participate as national representatives in the previous Rio de Janeiro Olympics and the subsequent world championships. In the world championship of Ototoshi who won the qualification, he fulfilled the conditions such as proving innocence and competing with personal qualifications.

The Russian Land Federation will be given an excuse until the 12th of next month. The problem has been raised.