Manchester City manager Pepe Guardiola, who will now be able to correct the image and make up for the disappointment of Liverpool's 3-1 defeat at the Stadion, ended a two-week long spell at Manchester City. It opened the way for Leicester City's lead to runners-up, and Chelsea to third place with the same 26 points, in return Liverpool strengthened their lead by 34 points, a difference of nine points from the city.

With the start of stage 13, today, there will be no room for man City's error in Chelsea's difficult meeting at the stadium, the stronghold of «Citizen». Guardiola want to hit three birds with one stone, once the win today against Chelsea.

However, Chelsea may not be an easy team, especially given the big changes in the squad led by coach Frank Lampard, who had previously played for a short time with Man City. Chelsea have a number of outstanding players, such as top scorer Tommy Abraham.

1. Stay close to the summit

The first and most important goal for Guardiola is to win, to ensure the maintenance of the nine-point difference with Liverpool, in the hope of the latter's fall in their game against Crystal Palace today, as City does not want to expand the difference with Leicester and Chelsea. In addition, the victory over the Blues is a "six points" by virtue of their competition in the golden box for the time being.

2. Respond to critics

Guardiola also wants to respond to various criticism from the media, and even some of the team's supporters by virtue of some tactical changes he has made, as well as dealing with some players, such as not giving enough opportunity for a player like Brazilian Jesus, or pushing him as a winger away from his place At the heart of the attack.

3. Maintaining the status

The Spanish coach has established a special place in the world of training, and does not want to be negatively affected by the disappointing results, nor does he want to end up as happened to other coaches. A win would restore confidence to the coach and his players, and raise the spirits of everyone, especially given the talk in England that Argentine coach Mauricio Pochettino, who left Tottenham, may be a real threat to Guardiola in Man City, if the results of the team does not improve in the coming period.

Mourinho in the forefront during the meeting Tottenham and West Ham

Jose Mourinho will be the center of attention when he leads his new club Tottenham against neighbors West Ham United. Mourinho, who is in his third Premier League experience after Chelsea and Manchester United, will be tasked with saving Tottenham's poor start to the season, prompting the club's board to sack Argentine coach Pochettino. Mourinho's task will not be easy in his first match at London's Olympic Stadium, Post Ham, after overseeing only two training sessions for his team, after the return of most of the first team players from international matches with various national teams, and he will try to lead his team to achieve His first away win since January.