Grand Sumo Kyushu Place Former Ozeki Terunofuji won the Bakumatsu Winning Ten-carriage return on November 22 16:24

On the 13th day of the Sumo tournament in Kyushu, Terunofuji from the former Daiseki won the 7th victory in the second half of the Bakumatsu, and the return to the place of the tour was rich.

Terunofuji from the former Ozeki, who was greeted with the 10th piece at the bottom of the venue, won the 7th round in all wins on the 22nd and 13th.

Terunofuji from Mongolia is 27 years old.

We stepped in the first place in the summer place in 2011 and were promoted to Ozeki with the first victory in the summer place in 2015.

Although Ozeki's status was preserved in 14 locations, at Ototoshi's autumn place, she was suspended on the way due to knee injury and fell to Sekiwaki.

In June of last year, both knees were operated, and five places were closed from the summer of this year. In the spring place, the number was lowered to the second stage.

Still, after returning, he was able to steadily pile up the white stars and return the numbering, and overwhelm the opponent with a powerful sumo such as the four right now that he is also good at.

As a person with experience in Ozeki, Terunofuji, which fell for the first time since the Showa era to below the end of the Bakumatsu, came to the next place, and since last summer, it has become rich that it will return to 12 for the first time in 10 places.

Ise-gatsuma parent "I did my best"

Terufuji's master Isega Tsuji said, “If you are normal, you can feel good, but you have worked hard for him for a long time. I ’ve spoken to you as I thought. ”

“I'm still in the future, and I ca n’t help but come to an end. Next time I think it ’s going to be a win. I have to add things little by little. "

Terunofuji "I'm more happy than at the time of the New Car"

Terunofuji, who won all the wins at the top of the Bakumatsu and became rich in the return of 12 cars, said, “I'm more happy than at the time of the new 12 cars. I thought I would n’t be afraid. ”

On top of that, “I wanted to quit, but my parents and my wife encouraged me to do it again. There are people who will continue to support me even if the numbering goes down. There were many things. ”

As for the 12 cars that became rich in the return, they said, “I've made good progress, but I'm still in the future. I want to try how far I can use it.”