ES Ajeeb, owned by Sheikh Abdullah bin Majid Al Qasimi, under the supervision of coach Ibrahim Aseel and Sam Hitchcock's leadership, retained his title in the Bani Yas Championship, the first season of the new season of the field of the field of Arab horses, after winning the half. The inaugural day of the race, which was sponsored by the seven runs «Longines», with a total prizes of one million and 275 thousand dirhams, and competed for titles 86 of the elite local and international horses.

On the other hand, the fifth half and President «Longines Master Collection», which is dedicated to the purebred horses in the category of parity, won the prizes of 240 thousand dirhams, won the dowry «George Velazir», owned by Mohammed Khalifa Al Basti, under the supervision of coach Statich Semar, and the leadership of the knight Tag O'Shea.

The Bani Yas race for the Group 2 horses at a distance of 1,400 meters sand, with a total prizes of 195 thousand dirhams, strongly in the midst of competition among 16 elite Arab horses, and succeeded the knight Sam Hitchcock to lead «ES Ajeeb» to defend the title in the best way The first line was cut by 1 minute, 33 seconds and 88 milliseconds, three quarters of the length of the Persian horse, Otaiba Al-Khalidiya, owned by Fahad Al-Oraini.

In the rest of the results, «Galaxy Road» to Galakip Racing, under the supervision of coach Musabah al-Muhairi, and the leadership of the knight Antonio Friso, the title of the second half «Longquinquest Classic», which ran for a distance of 1200 meters sand, and dedicated to the start-up horses, with a total prizes of 165 thousand dirhams, while The third half went to Longin Conquest at HP for the dowry, owned by HWB.

Gandogdo's owner Hamad Rashid Ghadeer grabbed the fourth-half title, Longines Record Collection, before the Parma family's Lady Parma, under the supervision of coach Satish Semar, took the sixth half, Longines Dolce Vita.

The seventh game ended with Longines La Grande Classique, crowned with the title Zager, owned by Mohammed Khalifa Al Basti.

Dean of the coaches, Ali Rashid Al-Raihi, said in a press statement that he was happy with the victories dominated by the horses he supervises, where he achieved two horses in the third race for the field of Meydan. He said: "The horses showed up well, where I trained in the past days distinctly, and showed a good level that made us expect some of them to win a number of runs." He added: «(Zager) ran strongly in the race Sharjah a longer distance less than two weeks ago, and seems to be improving over the days, and we hope to continue to improve and continue his victories». He explained that he expected the win «Director», and said: «(Director) fighter stubborn, and showed high abilities towards winning».

The lead for Basti .. The Watson Coaches Championship

At the end of the third race of the new season at Meydan Racecourse, Mohammed Khalifa Al Basti retained his lead in the Angel Championship, where he finished top with four tournaments, while South African coach Doug Watson continued to top the list of the most winners with seven tournaments. In the Order of the Knights with six tournaments.