The Russian week in the WiZink was a balm for Real Madrid, the final spring that puts Pablo Laso's team already in the lead group after a more tremulous start than usual in the Euroleague. Neither the Khimki on Tuesday nor the CSKA on Friday gave the stature , surpassed by a rival rooted and determined. Before the champion, Deck confirmed what was evidence: he is a true star. [97-81: Narration and statistics]

There are already five career wins in the fierce Euroleague. If the Khimki came for a walk and left scalded, the CSKA tried to overcome his defeat at Vitoria, but ended up succumbing to white power, which gave him no choice in the second half. With the Argentine couple at the controls , a Causeur who managed not to notice Taylor's absence (operated on a broken nose on Wednesday), but, above all, a great choral work.

18 European Cups in the Palace, the last two champions face to face , although the CSKA has undergone a profound reconstruction this summer. Without Sergio Rodríguez, Higgins or De Colo - and with the serious injury that occurred Clyburn, MVP of the last Four Final -, Itoudis seeks the new identity of the Muscovites, now marked by Mike James, but also by a superior Voigtmann in his performance that arrived from the NBA (Rob Baker and Koufos). It was the German who starred in a second quarter of scandal, unstoppable for Randolph and Thompkins, 17 of the 29 points of his team there, when he released ballast and looked face-to-face at a Madrid that had threatened to escape at dawn (9- 0 and 27-19).

In spite of the Russian arreón, Madrid had remained solid in scoring, with the good sensations and percentages that it inaugurated on Tuesday, already forgotten the 32 triples wrong in Bilbao. Rudy, Campazzo, Llull and Deck whipped from the outside, in a lively swapping of blows.

But the offensive excesses of both were cut from the roots in the passage through changing rooms. Especially for Madrid, which put the batteries, dried Voigtmann and Mike James failed to appear at all. The one who did, to confirm his category, was the Tortoise Deck, a silent exhibition of a player who is a reference for Laso.

After a first course of adaptation to European basketball, the World Cup confirmed the high expectations of the club with that of Colonia Dora, who surrendered to the Palace and the CSKA with 17 points, 11 rebounds and six assists (33 valuation).

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