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Since a year and a half ago he became president of the Spanish Football Federation, Luis Rubiales has starred in many controversies. Robert Moreno's exit management is only the last chapter.

Lopetegui's dismissal

Robert Moreno's dismissal inevitably reminds of the impeachment of Julen Lopetegui just two days after starting the World Cup in Russia. It all started on June 12, three days before the premiere, when Real Madrid made the hiring of the Basque coach official after the World Cup. Florentino Pérez called Rubiales directly to inform him of his decision and the president of the RFEF asked him not to make it public. However, Lopetegui was already talking to the locker room and the white club decided to announce it unilaterally. Initially, the Federation said it was aware of the negotiations but barely a quarter of an hour later, by order of Rubiales, it goes back. The president called the movement "treason" and that same night, when he landed in Krasnodar, he had already made the decision to dismiss Lopetegui. The next day, despite the insistence of the hierarchy of the costumes - Ramos, Iniesta, Piqué, Silva ... - and even Fernando Hierro himself , who would end up taking the bench, dismissed the coach just two days after starting the World Cup.

Power struggle with Thebes

The rivalry between Rubiales and Javier Tebas polarizes any decision of Spanish football. His power struggle dates back to 2015, when Rubiales, then president of the footballers' union (AFE), called a strike in protest of the government's decision to sell television rights as a single package. Thebes then accused the AFE of demanding a reduction of taxes for image rights and described the image of the press conference of the captains escorting Rubiales as "a staging in the Bildu or Herri Batasuna style." A brake for which he apologized. The clashes and disqualifications between the two mandamases of Spanish football have gone further since Rubiales won the presidency of the Federation after the fall of Ángel María Villar -Tebas supported the other candidate, José Luis Larrea-. Only in the last year: the plan to bring a La Liga match to Miami, the fight for schedules, which went through the courts, the control of the Iberdrola League, the VAR, the Copa del Rey, the Super Cup in Saudi Arabia ...

The Saudi Super Cup

While in recent days he shunned questions about the future of Robert Moreno, Rubiales tried to quell another fire: the decision to take the Spanish Super Cup to Saudi Arabia for three years for 120 million euros. The president of the Federation tried to justify the transfer of the tournament to a country where human rights are systematically violated by claiming that the contract included the obligation to allow women to access the stadium and that they could mix with men. The mere fact of having to include such a clause in the contract already pointed out the problem. In fact in the Italian Super Cup, which was already held there last January (and will be played again on December 22 in Riyadh), the women were relegated to a segregated tier. Saudi Arabia, like Qatar, which will host the 2022 World Cup, tries to wash its image through sport. A few weeks ago UEFA had asked the Federations not to take the competitions to countries where - among many other things - women's rights were not respected, but the economic incentive was too great.

Fighting with his 'dolphin', Aganzo

When Luis Rubiales changed the presidency of the AFE for the Spanish Football Federation, he left David Aganzo in his post. He was a candidate chosen by finger and the tune was total, but the schism opened this summer with the dispute over schedules. As reported by the newspaper 'ABC', Thebes sent a letter to the union warning that if there was no football on Fridays and Mondays, 30% of the revenue would be lost. Aganzo supported La Liga and that, in the framework of the power war between Thebes and Rubiales, amounts to choosing a side. The AFE sector closest to Rubiales has started a process to try to unseat Aganzo, although for the moment it manages to remain in office.

Conflict in women's football

After years of growth under the umbrella of La Liga, the Federation has taken control of women's football this year. Soon the first fire arose when the body that presides over Rubiales urged the clubs to assign television rights that had already been sold to Mediapro months before for the next three seasons. This joins the other big problem that women's football dragged from before their arrival: a collective agreement that guarantees players decent working conditions. Rubiales mediation attempts have not worked and this day the league went on strike.

Dynamite futsal

Last October the RFEF announced that it assumes the competence of the organization of the official competitions of First and Second Division of futsal. The Rubiales presiding body alleged that "there was no charge for its management" despite the fact that the LNFS, created by the clubs themselves, has been taking over for 30 years. Through, again, television rights, which he managed through the League. At the meeting where that decision was made, only five of the 32 clubs attended.

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