Filingpin's first gymnastic gold medal that has grown in Japan October 14th 2:21

Carlos Edriel Yuro won the gold medal for the first time as a Filipino player at the Yuka, the world championship of gymnastics held in Germany and the final of each event. There was growth in Japan behind the achievement.

"I'm glad to be messy"
19-year-old Yuro showed his smile when he talked about his impression of the gold medal in rugged Japanese.

Yuro came to Japan three years ago, as he found a strong spring-back strength and practice seriously in the coach of Munehiro Kugimiya, who had been dispatched by the Japan Gymnastics Association to teach Filipino players. He said he was thinking about going home in the Philippines because of cultural differences at the beginning.

Even so, I endured loneliness to realize my dream of participating in the Olympics, and I worked with a coach with Kugimiya.
Coach Kugimiya wanted Yuro to cultivate in Japan was “consciousness reform of gymnastics”. Originally by coach Kugimiya, Yuro said that he was doing a beautiful gymnastic exercise with the axis of the body not moving and extending to the tip of the limb. However, because there are no top players in the Philippines who can compete on the world stage, they say that they tend to stop practicing when they have some skill.

Yuro has witnessed Kohei Uchimura and Kenzo Shirai at the National Training Center, which is a training base in Japan, and has gained higher goals and refined the skill.

Yuro, who has grown every year, won a bronze medal following Silver Shirai at last year's World Championship, “Yuka” by event.
And in the final competition of each event, we decided on each technique and landing accurately with a beautifully refined gymnastics.

When modest Yuro finished his performance, he was able to make a guts pose. Coach Kugimiya was impressed by Yuro who gats poses with a smile rather than the result of a gold medal, and was staring at the student with an impressive expression before the result came out.

After taking the gold medal, Coach Kugimiya called for a higher level of content, saying “I was happy with the result of the gold medal, but I still have a performance.

Yuro happily hangs a gold medal around his neck, “I hate it because it ’s very hard and painful to practice, but today I was happy that the coach Nagimiya said“ I did my best. ”Any color is acceptable at the Tokyo Olympics I want to make it a goal. ”

It will be noticed what kind of performance will be shown at next year's Olympics in Japan, which has grown a lot of gymnastics.