Boxer star Nouchka Fontijn thought for an hour on Sunday that she had written Dutch sport history by becoming world champion in Ulan-Ude in Russia, but after a protest by opponent Lauren Price it turned silver. That blow hit hard at the 31-year-old Schiedamse.

"I am really very disappointed", Fontijn said in a short reaction via the Dutch Boxing Union. "I imagined myself in a bad film, which also got worse."

The jury awarded Fontijn the victory with 3-2 in the final against Price, but Wales protested against the score in the second round after the game.

That round had initially gone to Fontijn, but after a new jury had once again looked at the images, it was converted into a win for Price. As a result, the final score changed to 3-2 for the boxer from Wales.

"I felt like a world champion, but an hour later I lost my first World Cup gold," said Fontijn, who was already on the podium when it was announced that a protest had been filed. "I suddenly heard a lot of cheers from the room where the Wales delegation was sitting. Then I knew enough and I walked out of the hall. I could no longer afford to go to the ceremony."

Huge deception for Nouchka Fontijn and Boksteam NL that Price is wrongly becoming world champion after protest. Nouchka refuses to accept silver medal and is not present at the medal ceremony.

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"This is very painful"

Boris van der Vorst, chairman of the Dutch Boxing Association, called the events in Russia in conversation with "very painful". "Nouchka was already on the podium for the first Dutch world title in boxing, a historic achievement. Now the grapes are very sour."

The Dutch association could not change anything about the decision of the jury, because an appeal against the decision to give Price the victory was not possible.

According to Van der Vorst, Price had earned an official warning about the repeated clamping of Fontijn. "I do not understand that she did not receive that warning. If that had happened, this thing would not have happened."

Van der Vorst acknowledged that Wales used the new rules of boxing association AIBA, which stipulate that protest can be submitted within ten minutes of a party. "They did that cleverly, but it is unprecedented that Price has now become world champion in this way."

Fontijn could even get a penalty for skipping the podium ceremony. "She was too emotional and could no longer be motivated to go back to the podium," says Van der Vorst. "Formally there is a sanction on it, but I hope the officials will understand that it is too bizarre for words what happened."

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