The Castellers de Vilafranca , one of the most important groups in Catalonia, deployed a stellar in the early hours of this Friday during the show they offered in the pre-match of a friendly NBA game . In the Chase Center , the home of the Golden State Warriors , the Catalan cultural group took the opportunity to display the symbol of independence before the 14,000 spectators who were going to witness the friendly between the team of Stephen Curry and the Minnesota Timberwolves .

La Colla - as the Castellers group is known - are touring the West Coast of the United States and had already performed at Google headquarters and at Stanford University . In the pavilion, minutes before the start of the game, he will perform his show by lifting two human towers. When it was time to display the flags, one could see the United States on one side and the stelade on the other.

« It is important for the group because of the media effect of doing anything within the scope of the NBA, and also because it opens doors for future opportunities; the NBA, the NFL or baseball are sports that are lived here with a lot of passion, ”explained Toni Bach, a member of the organization, on the RAC1 station.

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