Olympic marathon representative selection "MGC" Akemi Masuda commentary "Women's edition" September 9 19:27

The Marathon Grand Championship (MGC) selection race for the Marathon of the Tokyo Olympics approaching on the 15th of this month. Akemi Masuda, who is the NHK navigator, expects the race to run around two strong athletes in the latter half of the 12 girls scheduled to participate.

Masuda ’s favorite is ...

MGC is a race where two men out of three representative players are determined by one game. As for 12 women's players who broke through strict standards, Masuda said, “Hyakka Ryoran, not only personality, but also how to run and how to play, etc. Marathon will be fun ”.

Among them, Ayuko Suzuki and Mizuo Matsuda are strong in the second half. Both of them have the speed to compete in the last spurt.

(Photo: Ayuko Suzuki)
Suzuki is the slowest player in the field, with a personal best of 2 hours 28 minutes 32 seconds, but Masuda noted that this race took place in the summer and that the second half of the race was faster than the first half. “It ’s strong against the heat, it ’s great concentration, and it ’s strong uphill.”

(Photo: Mizuo Matsuda)
Matsuda also won the MGC ticket last year at the Osaka International Women's Marathon, marking the same time in the second half of the race and faster than the first half. Mr. Masuda evaluates that “the last instantaneous power is number one”.

Focus on the fight for leadership in the early stages

Mr. Masuda thinks the key to stopping these two is “early device”.
We are looking at who will take the lead in the race without a pacemaker. Mr. Masuda mentioned “Tenmaya” and “Wacoal” players who have multiple players in the same team.

(Photo: Honami Maeda)
In Tenmaya, Honma Maeda is good at getting ahead.
Wacoal has named Kayoko Fukushi who has participated in the past four Olympics and is experienced.

(Photo: Kayoko Fukushi)
Mr. Masuda predicts, “If you were a slow group in the first half of 15 km, someone would move. I think you can take the lead if you go at a relatively fast pace.”

Possibility of “early spurt” at turning point

From the middle, we focused on two turning points.
There is a possibility that an early spurt will be set at the point where you can see the difference between the front and rear, 25 km and 33 km.

In particular, the turnaround point near the Imperial Palace of 33km is where there is nothing to block out the strong sunlight and the tiredness comes out the most. We believe that controlling will be a factor in dividing the game.

The biggest test "uphill at the end"

And from the end of 35 kilometers, the uphill that will be the greatest challenge awaits.
Mr. Masuda sees that if Suzuki and Matsuda who are going to do their best remain, the advantage will not move, and he points out that in order to win these two people, it is necessary to be out here.

Expectation of new heroine birth

It has been 15 years since the golden age when the women ’s marathon, which has been called “stagnation”, won two gold medals in Sydney and Athens.

Mr. Masuda said, “I think“ the wind hole is open ”at this MGC. I feel that there is a new star. There is also the excitement just like the Tokyo Olympics, and there is also a sense of tension for the players. The players who gained confidence in the tournament that will determine the strongest in Japan will be aiming for a medal next year. ”