Professional baseball 6th game result September 7th 2:09

Six professional baseball games were held, and Softbank, the leader of the Pacific League, achieved a No-Hit Nolan with the starting pitcher Chiga.

Pacific League

Softbank vs Lotte won by Softbank 2-0.
SOFTBANK added 1 point 6 times after losing 5 points, 1 point in timely of Kai who made a battery with Chiga pitcher.
Chiga pitcher only gave three foreballs and one dead ball, and achieved 12th win with no hit.
Softbank is 5 consecutive wins.

Rakuten vs. Seibu won 5-4 by Seibu.
Seibu went up three times to follow 2 points, with 5 points in Nakamura's No. 28 Manseng home run and so on.
Imai pitched 7th with 5 goals and 4 runs.
Pitcher Masuda marked the 25th save.
Seibu is the first to win 70 wins through both leagues in 4 consecutive wins.
On the other hand, Rakuten lost 50% of wins by four consecutive losses.

Nippon Ham vs. Oryx won Nippon Ham 6-2.
Nippon Ham took the lead twice on a timely three basis for Nishikawa's runner-up, Kiyomiya's No. 6 Touran on 5th, and Ota's timely on 7th.
Sugiura pitcher won the second 6 hits and was the third to win a good pitch.
Nippon Ham stopped the consecutive defeat at 8 and moved up to 5th place.
Orix loses five consecutive losses with one draw and falls to the bottom.

Se League

Yakult vs. Giant won Yakult 5-2.
Yakult preempted once with Valentin's No. 30 Touran, and on the 8th, Naoki Matsumoto squeezed three points and released.
Pitcher Ishikawa is the seventh win with six runs, one goal and tenacious pitching.
The giant lost 6 consecutive losses without taking advantage of his chances.

Sino-Japan vs. DeNA won 8-8 in Sino-Japan.
Sino-Japan won three times with the same score, Biccied's No. 17 Touran, and four times added Fukuda ’s sacrifice fly and Biccied ’s timely.
The second pitcher Matayoshi, who showed good relief from the middle of the third round, won the third victory. Sino-Japan is 4 consecutive wins.
As for DeNA, pitcher Hira was struck four times with seven goals.

Hiroshima vs. Hanshin won by Hiroshima 6-3.
Hiroshima took the lead twice with Serizawa's 11th solo, and in the 3rd, Suzusuke Kikuchi and Suzuki continued in a timely manner, and Sasazawa's two-pointed Taise League Mulley and other points led to the beginning. I got the right.
Guri pitches 7th and 3 goals and is 8th win.
In Hanshin, pitcher Haruhito Takahashi wasn't struck with 4 runs and 6 runs.