• Tragedy: French Formula 2 driver Anthoine Hubert dies after a Spa accident

Formula 1 was silent for a minute before the departure of the Belgian Grand Prix in honor of French rider Anthoine Hubert , who died in an F2 race at the same Spa-Francorchamps circuit on Saturday. The tribute came before the Belgian national anthem.

The second F2 race, scheduled for this Sunday morning, was canceled and another minute of silence was observed before the start of this Sunday's F3 race.

Anthoine Hubert, 22, died in an accident on the second round of the first race of F2, which had started just after qualifying for the F1 Grand Prix. The French pilot was involved in a brutal clash with his compatriot Giuliano Alesi and the American-Ecuadorian Juan Manuel Correa .

Charles Leclerc (left) presents his condolences to Hubert's mother.

The incident occurred in the Raidillon curve, when the Hubert car, after avoiding a crash with Alesi, went against the protections and when he returned to the track he was hit by the Quito pilot's car. The race was immediately suspended. Hours later, the FIA ​​confirmed the fatal outcome of the 22-year-old pilot, GP3 Series champion in 2018.

Correa, meanwhile, has been operated on fractures in both legs and a minor spinal injury and is stable in the Intensive Care Unit of the Liège hospital where he was transferred after the incident, according to his team, the Sauber Junior Team by Charouz, through the official medical part.

In addition, he notes that the condition of the pilot of Ecuadorian origin is "stable." "He was taken by helicopter to a hospital where he underwent the operation. Juan Manuel remained conscious all the time until he entered the operating room," the statement said.

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